Kennel Form

Kennel Form

When Kennel Form was launched, we are really excited to get back into the creative ideas with our long-term client and help them develop their brand to the status to the standard their current business was at.

Kennel Form creates bespoke cat and dog kennels for high profile clients who require the very best in quality and manufacturing.

As we already had a working relationship, it was easy to jump straight into the concept and creativity. Already knowing how we work enabled the client to trust our instincts, our advice and our experience that we would exceed expectations and deliver design and digital concepts that boosted their brand straight from launch.

We love when clients come back to us time and time again, so this was a project the whole team enjoyed!

Whilst we knew the client, knew the product and knew they’d deliver on their mission and goals for the business, Kennel Form was brand new. The consumer market hadn’t heard of them, and although the experience of the company spans over more than two decades, the main challenge was to get potential consumers to notice the brand, trust them and convert upon browsing the website.

For this, we needed to show the company as a well-established brand, showcase the experience and provide customers with the information they need to make an informed decision. The target market for this business is high profile, and as they are making an investment with each purchase, it needs to have a robust, trustworthy energy to it to make them believe they are making the right choice.

Our design concepts explored the elements that make them a trusted manufacturer. Our design team wanted to create something that had a simple and effective user-interface but stunning and memorable design.

Both our team, and the client were extremely pleased with the overall outcome of the Kennel Form site. It firmly placed their brand within the marketplace as an experience, respected name in high quality, hand-crafted kennels for the discerning customer.

The website we created is a slick, modern and stylish site that is fully responsive, editable by the user and includes beautiful imagery on full screen responsive sliders. It fully reflects the quality of the brand that the client wanted to showcase.

Blending ‘grown-up’ colour pallettes with stunning photography, our team enveloped an over-arching emotion of trust. Trust in Kennel Form’s experience, trust in their quality and trust in their passion for creating the perfect results for you and your pet.