iQuatics is the leading manufacturer of aquarium lighting in the UK. Through the website they offer a traditionally expensive market, a lower cost alternative that still meets the great quality expected of this demanding hobby and industry. SO Marketing has created the iQuatics brand and worked for over 9 years to develop the business as it is today, from its look/feel, to E-Commerce operations, print, PR and copywriting, using all of the services that SO Marketing offers.

iQuatics already had an existing Magento E-Commerce website that had grown out of its skin and required an overhaul. What complicated this project was the requirement to preseve existing customer, order and product data on the website as well as incorporate a host of new features to improve customer service functionality.

The website was to be replatformed as WordPress WooCommerce, however needed to take into account that users now use multiple devices such as iPhones, IPads, Tablets, Desktops and the site had to look optimal in every screen size and platform for the best customer experience.

Also using some industry leading features such as an integrated wordpress blog, postcode lookup for deliveries, and incorporating the emerging trend for “remarketing”, the science of improving conversions in E-commerce by recovering lost customer’s carts, the website had a lot of features to add to an already very engaging website.

The new iQuatics website is a slick, modern site that has the most functions of any online store that we have done for a client, even automatically sychronising orders and products with eBay and Amazon, the website is as self-sufficient as possible, enabling a smooth process for the warehouse team and customer service team to work with.

One of the great new features that we have incorporated to the website is a customer service SMS Text line where the customer service team can respond instantly via their email to customer text requests for advice and help, couple this with live chat support software, and a comprehensive FAQ section and all customer service angles are covered.

We also help iQuatics with its digital marketing strategy: all SEO work to enable them to be found on through search and email marketing to keep the loyal customer base up to date with the latest news and offers.