Handpicked Cottages

Handpicked Cottages

Handpicked Cottages enables visitors to easily find some of the finest, luxury, self-catering holiday cottages from across the UK. With over 14 years’ experience they have discovered properties that with design or location (or both), guests can enjoy something special and unique. Their collections are diverse. From romantic hot tub hideaways to large venues for groups and parties, everything is covered!

The challenge with this project was to create a website that provided all of the modern conveniences such as integration with third party booking and availability calendars, offering the client enough admin functionality to be able to manage every aspect of the site and to provide an easy to use sign-up process for gaining new properties to advertise on the website.

We also needed to ensure that the design and language used in the site reflected that this was a new and exciting brand but with a wealth of experience over many years. We needed to ensure potential customers and advertisers alike were able to trust and feel comfortable doing business with a new platform.

As the client had expressed elements of previous works of ours they liked, we were able to draw on existing design structures and elements to create a brand new platform for them. Drawing on existing and previous project work enabled us to reduce the time on this project and deliver results faster and more efficiently. This was a significantly sized website which would usually take our team a larger amount of time, but our effective use of previous work reduced this.

The brand-new Handpicked Cottages website enable the client to run with the new brand and sign up advertisers efficiently. Our smart us of SEO also gives the site a boost in driving traffic to ensure they are seen and engaged with on a higher level.

This client is based in a very busy and complex industry. We wanted to ensure the site gave a confident, professional and welcoming feel and so the colour palette is rather mature, soft and earthy. The design is very user-friendly and the site boasts some truly beautiful photography to capture the imagination of potential clients and the adventures they can go on with Handpicked Cottages.

We are pleased with the outcome of this project due to the scale and design that was created in an efficient and cost-effective manner for this new brand. We look forward to watching the brand grow and develop over time and are proud to now have it as part of our case study collection online.

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