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A true challenger brand, Guild Living had an offering unlike anything else on the market at the time of inception.

About the project Revolutionising the later living landscape.

What We Did

  • Website
  • UX/UI Design
  • Brand Content
  • Editorial Design

Guild Living approached us to design and develop a website for their new venture: revolutionising the Later Living landscape. A true challenger brand, Guild Living had an offering unlike anything else on the market at the time of inception. Founded by Legal & General, the Guild Living team has created a niche offering for community-led living arrangements, catering to a need in the target demographic. We have since become a trusted partner of Guild Living and continue to help them to evolve as the demand for the offering has increased. 

Visual Identity



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Design Partnering with Guild Living’s branding agency.

We partnered with Guild Living’s branding agency to take the newly created brand and design a main website, a campaign driven STOP Ageism website and various printed marketing materials. With full service resources, we translated design across a variety of marketing platforms and channels – both physical and digital. The Guild Living site was built with accessibility for the target audience in mind while staying true to the brand guidelines and offering a clean and simple user experience. 

Website Development

The build of Guild Living’s main website was evolutionary and developed over time as more budgets were released, new targets were hit and new locations became available. Essentially starting out as a content platform to generate awareness and evolving into a lead generation website with various funnels and integrations with hubspot CRM. 

Website Content Creation.

Creative direction on photoshoots, both lifestyle and branding, helped Guild Living in the creation of on brand content. Being a challenger brand, no imagery out there reflected the desired artistic approach so we worked closely with the team to create a direction that was inspired by their mission.

Digital Marketing

Our long term partnership with Guild Living evolved into offering strategic consultation and digital marketing services to enable the in-house team to deliver on the marketing strategy. Heat mapping and AB testing helped to inform the layout of the site location pages and inform the hierarchy of content from a user experience point of view. Advice on content and SEO, with Guild Living now taking the offering into Europe we’ve been working closely with the team to inform their international strategy. 



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