Guild Living - Legal & General

Guild Living

Legal and General is one of the most established and well-respected multi-faceted financial brands throughout the UK. Its products and services include investment management, lifetime mortgages, pensions, annuities, life assurance, and general insurance. And in 2019, they have launched Guild Living.

Guild Living is an exciting development for Legal and General and comprises of a great range of lifestyle solutions to enrich and improve the lives of those in their later years. A comprehensive undertaking of academic research has enabled Guild Living to better understand the older population and provide a life that is happy, healthy and enjoyable. Furthermore, The Guild’s mission is to combat ageism and how we understand the life of those in their later years, as well as reinvent living during that part of our life. This is a bold move and requires strong branding and considered marketing to change the way potential consumers perceive this industry and the role Guild Living plays.

As Guild Living is one of the biggest start-ups of 2019, our team were excited to begin phase one of the development to bolster the research and test the theory of their claims and aspirations. They were looking for an extraordinary agency to deliver an extraordinary product, and so, SO Marketing was a great choice to partner with.

Phase One needed the design, development and implementation of with our team working in the stylish, sophisticated design, photography and web development areas. Our project has also involved creating stunning design work throughout their marketing mix.

The main challenge of the project was to showcase this brand as an exciting, fresh, new start-up but strengthen its presence with the established and experienced guidance from the Legal and General brand. This combination provides a unique and strong prospect for a brand, but requires careful consideration in its digital presence and marketing.

Phase One of the Guild Living project is now complete. With the website launched and the concepts tested, we are extremely proud of this stage of the project. The website itself scores 100/100 on Google Page Rank and integrates with HubSpot for sales and lead automation, which means the site delivers both aesthetically and technically. Our team have been able to create a site that is beautiful and user-friendly but drawing from the key experiences and gravitas of the Legal and General brand.

We are continuing to work with the Guild Living team into 2021 as we develop the second phase of the project and work with the team to grow the brand further beyond launch.