Furrow & Graze

Furrow & Graze

Furrow and Graze came to us with an aim of getting their business online, and creating an appealing brand for their business. We were excited to get on board and give them a reliable platform that would take their business to the next level.

Furrow and Graze began their journey as a small independent greengrocer selling their produce at local markets. They were incredibly popular with the community already enjoying a movement towards more locally sourced food, low-food miles and great support for local businesses. However, to take their business to the next stage and give them greater exposure with a digital point of contact, Furrow and Graze wanted to take their business online. To do this, they needed beautiful branding and a well thought out digital platform.

As this was a new brand online, the team were looking for a new logo and branding materials that would give them a visually appealing look online. It was imperative that this design was thought through intensely to ensure the branding flowed through all the online channels seamlessly, suited their company ethos and appealed to their target market.

The client also has an inventory and stock count that is rapidly changing so they needed a site that could be updated regularly to ensure their team was promoting the right products at the appropriate time.

We began work on a responsive Magento e-commerce platform that included the functionality to regularly change their ever-changing stock and inventory. We built immediate stock updates into the site to ensure that products could notify when they were in and out of stock. We also launched a strong social media campaign for the company with the goal of increasing the exposure of the branding not only online but to the local area too.

The logo and branding design was contemporary and warm with stunning photography to capture the imagination of consumers and get their tummies rumbling for delicious produce! The colour palette was a modern style blending with a traditional and rustic feel of the illustrations accompanying the logo itself.

This project was a great example of how a small, local business can elevate their potential by utilising the tools available online. They were able to showcase their brand as forward-thinking, contemporary and convenient to consumers in the local market and beyond.