Compare Your Business

Compare Your Business

When crafting the aesthetics for any project, it’s imperative to understand and appreciate the target market of their customers. For business to consumer clients, we like to profile their ideal customer and create solutions that would appeal to them, catch their attention and convert them to sales. For our business to business clients, this profiling goes deeper into the challenges their customers face and how we can showcase them as providing all the solutions they need, and more.

This problem solving criteria is particularly the case with Compare Your Business, as they aimed to provide a fantastic business community to offer solutions and make working much more seamless and efficient between businesses.

Compare your Business was developed by an entrepreneur looking to help people improve their working relationships from finding work to recruiting new talent. This tool is all about connection and promotion to enable business owners to both find businesses useful to them BE useful to them too. This community if a free business network allowing anyone from any field to create an account and start managing their business connections.

Compare Your Business launched in 2016 and does exactly what the name entails and does it well. Their team was unhappy with the services available for local businesses to connect with each other on the web and has strived to provide these businesses with a reliable way to find matching services for unfilled vacancies and other project requirements.

Our teams collaborated to try and create a fun and functional, user friendly social network that people who lacked specialist skills could interact with. Not only this but we also worked together to design their logo and other print and design materials. Their team worked very closely with us to ensure that the final product would match their concept vision.
Unsurprisingly it is significantly harder than it sounds to find a fun and functional user-friendly social network template.

This worked in our favour however as it gave us the opportunity to create this network ourselves! Working together we managed to develop a purpose-built platform that would enable users of the site to create personalised profiles and build professional relationships. We also built a back-end system that can handle the large amount of sensitive information that users would enter into the website.

This project was an inspiring and engaging one for the team to be involved with, and we continue to work with Compare Your Business to this day.