We were referred to Carlingford by an existing client in Ireland. They are one of the largest providers of self-catering accommodation in the whole of their local area. They are immensely well established being one of only four companies in the whole of Ireland that can offer five-star self-catering accommodation. Not only this but all their bookings are taken directly through the company so no agents or third parties are involved.
This is a brand that knows their consumer, knows their marketplace and knows exactly what their business needs. With that, we liked learning all about their experienced, feeding off their expertise in order to start developing solutions.

Carlingford were struggling with the third-party booking system that they had in place at the time. The restrictions of this system were leading to issues with guest bookings and were not coherent with their desired business model. Another challenge they faced was an overdue website update so they came to SO Marketing wanting assistance with both of these problems.

Whilst taking on a project with a website designed elsewhere may seem complicated, it’s something our team relish and love to create new ideas for a client with frustrations that really shouldn’t be holding them back.

The first issue we tended to was making amendments to their website. We produced a contemporary site that displayed the properties of the company to a much higher degree than the previous site.

The user experience needs to evoke those amazing feelings you get when on holiday, create that hunger for them to book and tell the story of Carlingford. Furthermore, since the company was having third party issues we prioritised creating a custom booking system which would allow the company to manage their clients themselves rather than having their clients go through a third party. The custom booking system functions in the same way as the client’s business model and allows room for future growth.

And that’s the thing! If your business is suffering with the pitfalls of pre-existing models, templates or systems, you can get frustrated with the barriers stopping you from growing your business and performing to the best of your ability. But with the right expertise and commitment from a digital agency, having your own custom systems in place are more cost-effective and simple than you may have first thought.
Problem solved!