BETD have over 20 years of experience and expertise in the road bike and mountain bike component industry. They are confident that you will find the bike gear hanger you need with a perfect fit. They are one of a very few companies who have the capability to manufacture precision

CNC machined road bike and MTB parts on site. BETD and Middleburn bike parts are made right here in the UK in Stoke-on-Trent. This is a business built on high precision, dedication and superior service. Their highly technical engineering services and products ensures they are a premium name in mountain bike components and road bike parts.

BETD is an existing client of ours and as we inherited their Magento Store website at the time Magento 1 announced it was going ‘end of life’, we took the initiative to have a fresh new approach. Whilst this was a large and complex project to undertake, it was the perfect opportunity to take a step back from the existing site and reconfigure areas for improvement or make new tweaks and changes to improve both the aesthetic and user experience.

All of the existing data was migrated from the previous site into a snazzy new Woocommerce store and design changes were made to provide a beautiful, bold and brilliant new website for the BETD team to be proud of.

The site is intelligent, and practical. It allows customers to find what they’re looking for with ease. Enabling a simple user experience for online stores like BETD ensures customers are less likely to fall off pre-purchase and make their purchasing decision before leaving the site. However, it’s not all about being practical and totally sales focused. We wanted to create a site that was impressive and brand-aligned. So this site uses a colour palette, image library, font and content that is appealing and allied with the marketplace BETD operates in.

We have also continued to offer BETD ongoing SEO, Adwords, email marketing and agency design services. This means the team continue to be in close contact with our designers on a regular basis and they can reap the creative and technical benefits to having a reliable, efficient and pro-active digital agency at their fingertips.

Magento to Woocommerce E-Commerce Website for BETD
Magento to Woocommerce E-Commerce Website Mobile Design
Magento to Woocommerce E-Commerce Website Tablet Design