Getting Egg Donation Right Altrui

Altrui approached SO in July 2019 for an easy-to-navigate website, that provided users with all of the vital information they require for such a personal service.

About the project A Website That Reflects The Supportive Nature Of Altrui

What We Did

  • Website
  • UI / UX Design

Altrui provides a service of 2 parts, for egg donors, and egg recipients. They offer a truly personalised egg donation service, which is based on 4 core values. Integrity, honesty, determination, and kindness.

Set up in 2010, they believe that couples in the UK needed more help when seeking an egg donor. As well as ensuring that donors themselves are well-informed, cared for and appreciated. Altrui pride itself on ensuring that each individual who interacts with them is treated with the utmost respect, support, and care and that their service is discrete and personal.

The team required a website that allowed both kinds of users to navigate through the website with ease, discovering more about Altrui and the services that could benefit them. But also a website that acted as a digital reflection of the business, and what they stand for.

Visual Identity



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Website Design Integrity, Honesty, Determination, And Kindness.

The caring, honest and supportive nature of the brand needed to be reflected on the website. Whilst displaying information in a professional manner, which instantly created the feeling of safety when interacting with Altrui.

Our team of designers and web developers worked alongside the team at Altrui throughout the website build process. Using their knowledge and experience to completely re-brand and build a new website. It was important to keep the key elements of the website, such as videos and testimonials, but give the website a big update.

Website Development 1 Site... 2 Distinct User Journeys

Altrui required a website that had an easy-to-use admin section, where the team could amend and add content to the website. Another important factor that Altrui wanted to include in the new website was the ability for donors and recipients to easily get in touch. 2 separate contact form journeys with integration into their internal systems allows the two different types of customer to easily get in touch with the small but dedicated team at Altrui.

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