Preparing Your Website for a Season of Shopping

Events Preparing Your Website for a Season of Shopping

As we edge closer to that busy time of year, preparing your website is crucial for having your digital storefront in tip-top shape. While some people are getting lost in the thoughts of Christmas lights and mince pies. You should be asking yourself the important question: Is my website Christmas-ready? 

But before you dive into preparations, decide which holidays you want to focus on. Will you be running various sales and promotions? 


Preparing Your Website for These Key Dates


Black Friday (24th November)

Cyber Monday (27th of November)

Boxing Day (26th of December)


By recognising and catering for these additional dates, you can expand your customer base and take advantage of the various shopping trends throughout the holiday season. It’s all about being proactive and ensuring your website is adaptable to the needs of your audience during the festive period. 


Tis’ The Season to Take a Closer Look at Your Website


SEO Optimisation


Ensure your website and product pages are SEO-friendly. Optimise product titles and descriptions, using relevant keywords that align with your offerings. 


Enhanced Product Pages


Polish your product pages to make them visually appealing and informative. Include extra product images, customer testimonials, and related items to upsell.


Bandwidth Check 


Ensure your website can handle increased traffic during the holiday season, especially if you’re aiming to attract thousands of new customers.


Holiday Categories


Introduce specific categories like ‘Christmas Gifts’ or ‘Christmas Gifts for Children’ to make product discovery easy for your customers.


Mobile-Friendly Design


Ensure your website is mobile-responsive to capture mobile sales. More and more shoppers make purchases from their phones.


Abandoned Cart Tool


Utilise tools like Create’s Abandoned Basket tool to recover lost sales by reaching out to customers who left items in their carts.


Festive Look and Feel


Give your website a festive touch by adding holiday-themed elements, like mistletoe in your logo or Christmas trees in your banner.


Dedicated Christmas Page


Create a central Christmas page to display all your promotional information and offers, making it easy for customers to find deals.


Holiday-Free Zone 


Recognise that not all visitors celebrate the same holidays, so maintain a holiday-free section on your website.


Christmas Day Planning


Some shoppers browse websites on Christmas Day, so be ready for potential orders and have a plan in place.


Stock Contingency Plan


Prepare a messaging plan in case you run out of stock to avoid any last-minute panic.


Preparing your website for the holiday season is essential for capturing the attention of festive shoppers and ensuring a smooth shopping experience. By following these steps, you’ll be well on your way to creating a Christmas-ready website that can maximise your sales and customer satisfaction during this joyful time of year.


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