Speedcrete, an internationally-recognised name in the sale and hire of specialist construction tools, commissioned SO Marketing for an overhaul of their logo, brand and digital assets. They required a logo that would resonate with their target market whilst speaking to the efficiency of their service. Naturally, our team settled on a vibrant orange colour scheme backed up by an italic typeface (because nothing says ‘fast service’ like an italic typeface). Using this as a strong starting point, we developed a powerful and responsive ecommerce platform capable of handling the traffic and orders of Speedcrete’s growing client database.

When you have as many products as a well established brand such as Speedcrete have, website navigation and user experience are of paramount importance. We understood this when developing their custom Magento website, and knew that a stock build simply wouldn’t work. With this in mind, we created a system with multiple ways for the user to filter and categorise the products offered according to their needs, delivering a functional experience that placed consumer-flow (and therefore conversions) at its centre.

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