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Shout Out Clothing

In May 2015, Shout out Clothing was started as a side business to a very established company in the Staffordshire area. The aim was to diversify the business into offering printed garments aimed at a very specific target audience of people aged between 18 and 30. 

The client has an in-house graphic designer who is the brainchild behind all of the designs that are showcased on the website and we were approached to provide a responsive e-commerce solution that would allow them to continually add to the website and scale with the business as it grows. We chose Magento for this solution as it was the only solution capable of handling the expected volumes of business that Shout out Clothing was looking to do. Following our customary admin training for Magento, SO Marketing created a unique design that fit in with the existing brand and product graphics that were provided by the client. 

Making the website responsive was very important for this project as the target age range is predominantly mobile and tablet based in 2015, and being accessible on these devices was almost more important than providing a perfect desktop experience. This is a trend seen in many websites and industries now with the lessening reliance on desktop based technology and instead on mobile devices.

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