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Dear Barber

Dear Barber wanted to target the tailored, distinctive – and most importantly sophisticated – young male demographic – naturally, we believed ourselves to be well suited to the task. Keen not to be shackled with the heavily stigmatised ‘Hipster’ stereotype, Dear Barber, a revolutionary new stylist for the distinguished modern gentleman, commissioned  SO Marketing to develop a custom WordPress site that spoke to the premium, quality nature of their unique brand. In response, we crafted a fully optimised, mobile-responsive website that would come to feature some of the defining web design trends of 2016.

By placing the target consumer, the upwardly mobile, young professional male (someone we understood very well), at the heart of the design, our team constructed a site that helped to engage with and define modern culture and fashion. Professional web design, however, isn’t just about requirement, but also about vision, which is why we integrated a user-friendly product gallery with the scope for full ecommerce optimisation in the future. We also incorporated an interactive tile-themed blog feature that would allow Dear Barber to develop their brand through engaging content, further connecting with their target audience on the subjects of all things beards and premium male grooming.

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