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In July 2014 SO Marketing was asked to create an up to date website for Bike-Hud. A totally unique Heads up Display product for Motorcyclists. Customer feedback on the existing website was poor, as was E-Commerce conversion and it was decided that the website had to reflect the look and feel of a product that had such a unique position in the market.

About the Client

Bike-Hud is a relatively new business with a great and innovative new product which has set the motorcycle world on fire. Some amazing product reviews and customer testimonials has led to Bike-Hud becoming the market leader in a very short space of time.

The Process

Working from a statistics based approach, we looked into the existing traffic sources and determined that many visitors were being put off purchasing by the style and look of the existing website. Taking the approach that the website needed to reflect the product value, we involved our photography services to take new photos of the product and the product in situation.

We then let our designers create something completely new for Bike-Hud that not only covered the technical explanation of the products, but also allowed us to streamline the e-commerce and transaction process.

Linking the website in with other mediums such as Social Media, E-newsletters and press advertising, allows the website to become a central hub for the businesses marketing campaigns going forwards.

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