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Best of British Beer

SO Marketing was asked in 2011 to create a brand and a Magento E-Commerce website for a new client to us, Best of British Beer.


About The Client

Our clients have a passion for real ale and in particular British ales and beer from local sustainable suppliers. They have created a vision to bring handpicked, specifically chosen ales to the wider market and promote the British beer industry at the same time.


The Process

Best of British Beer were initially a walk in lead right at the time that they were looking for a partner to work with on this new project. Following a preliminary meeting, it was suggested that our SO-Commerce Magento platform was a great way to start the project without a high capital investment. Beginning with a corporate ID project, which started with a variety of logo ideas based around a beer bottle theme, we agreed upon a style that reflected the values and attitude that the company wanted to portray.

Once the logo and corporate ID was agreed, we proceeded to create the visuals and designs for an ecommerce website that would allow the business to self-manage the content, products and order processing.

Upon launch of the website, the company got great feedback and due to a sustained approach to marketing and promotion of the business, Best of British Beer has now grown considerably since the business’s inception. This has also led to the business winning a number of small business awards for their innovative approach to a traditional industry.

Using our SO-Commerce Magento platform, the business has continued to develop and add on new functionality and customer service improvements such as our live chat product to enable the business to run more efficiently and provide a better service to the website visitors in all instances.

In addition to using our web and design services, Best of British Beer have also had us create printed materials such as flyers and brochures that go out with orders to cross promote products.

We are very pleased to be a part of the success that Best of British Beer have had, and look forward to supporting the business going forwards.


  • Date: 10/16/2013
  • Categories: Branding / Logo Design / Web Design
  • Client: Best of british beer
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