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Join Chelsea, Catharine, Rebecca and Sam in this podcast where we discuss the importance of creating a great customer experience. Both online and offline touch points need thought going into them to provide the best experience or service.


Hi everyone and welcome to this episode of so what’s up? In this episode we’re going to be chatting about all things customer experience
we’ve got the well, we’ve got quite a few team in on this one, we’ve got calf Rebecca and Sam with me today. And we’re just gonna be chatting about things about clients experience, customer experience, and how, even though you spend a lot of time trying to curate the perfect one online, that if you don’t back it up physically or like in person, then sometimes you’re you’re wasting your time and effort, really. So I thought we’d kick it off with just a little wrap up really of some of the jobs that we’ve had in the past that have, I guess, instilled customer service client service into us. I think Rebecca has got a few funny ones. So John, tell us about some of the jobs that you’ve had Rebecca and how it’s taught you about service.
Yeah. And why I started off my first job was in a pub. So obviously, speaking to people all day, food drinks, serving them taking orders. And that was a really good job because it obviously was great for me in terms of confidence in interaction talking to people.
That’s quite tough. Your first job, I suppose. Yeah,
it was definitely me at the deep end with some difficult people, but yet in every job, and then I worked at Debenhams. So my fish up there was actually in the office. So I didn’t really speak to people that much. But then my second job there actually worked in that security office. Wow, okay. Yeah, I was dealing with very difficult people who were trying to take things. Excuse me, come back. to wrestle people. There are a few instances where you have to be like, no, come on, like, steer them in the right direction away from
stepping into making the right choice.
And then when I went back to uni, after doing like, sandwiches I did, I went to my other spoons for it. And again, customer service, they’re you working with people all day? That one was a bit different, because I predominately work behind the bar working later. Working with drunk people. Yeah, that was good. But yeah, they’re all great experiences. And definitely learn to like how, how to deal with people and how every single minute that they spend in somewhere and talking to you, or even just like, as you know, reading the menu, if it wasn’t cleaned properly, that wouldn’t be a very good experience. Yeah, this is a bit dirty. But every single thing had to work together. Yeah, there were good jobs.
I’ve always wondered with web experience, because obviously, you’ve got like the app component of it. And then you’ve got like the personal service component of it. How does that work? I guess like integrating the digital in the real.
World. To be fair, I left and the app hadn’t long been introduced. So we did have some experience with it.
Did you get any training on it?
To be fair, Wetherspoons, there was a lot of training you had to when I first started there were so many courses online that we had to do on like, yeah, so many different things challenge different ages, looking at things i safety when lifting like food standards, even if you weren’t in the kitchen yet to learn about it. Because yeah, there might have been instances where we need help to go in. And so there was a lot of training. But it definitely was quite different where I was working in Biddulph, because I wouldn’t say many people used it there. But there is definitely a split between the old the generation of traditional visitors to Wetherspoons. And then the younger generation who just ordered through the app. But it definitely worked well together. The only time I’d say didn’t work well is when it was Friday or Saturday night, and we were mega busy. And then all the orders that come through on the app, and you are still only for others. Yeah, do this, but it was God and it definitely. I’ve been to other screens and use the app and it’s great. Shout out to move.
Yeah, a lot of places do that now anyway, don’t like because of COVID.
Yeah, I think COVID was a big part. And like getting that up and running really fast, I think smaller places. And there were lots of people that were trying to sell the software and the services to like groups of smaller chains and stuff during COVID as well. So I think that was quite good in terms of innovation and Wetherspoons definitely led the way on I guess that whole service experience.
You’re a bit screwed if you’ve come out without your phone. They want you
Yeah, I don’t think anyone does.
You know if my mom had to do that, if I wasn’t there she’d probably leave because she wouldn’t know what to do.
Yeah. No, I think it’s, I think this is the thing when it comes to like good service and stuff is, like, when I was at Alton Towers, it was a little bit similar. But obviously, we got trained on actually creating an experience for there because it’s even like the little tiny details and stuff that you don’t really take into consideration. But it gets drilled into your it’s like, tucking your shirt in and smiling and like when you talk to children, like bend down to their height and stuff, not that I have fought men down to do anyway, I’m still you still had to do it. Like even things like we had like random training on like, what to do if you found like a lost child, and it was like, never touched them or hold the hand, like take your lanyard off and like, let them use it as like a doc lead. That wasn’t the word they use in the training. That was me paraphrasing, sorry, ultimate. But just random things like that, really, that you wouldn’t ever think. But like actually, like, I guess creates it. And I think one thing as well that really made me think was they wanted to create this like fantastical escapism thing where it just completely took people out of out of the real world. So they don’t sell things like newspapers and stuff on there, or like anything that’s like not really, like, I guess Alton Towers, branded, everything is all like to create this experience and to reinforce it. And I would hate to be their brand manager walking around all day, every day making sure that everything is like spot on. Like, the attention to detail there. Everything is it’s just literally everything it’s like and it’s you’re not dealing with tangibles, either you’re dealing with like, I guess like the feelings and emotions of people and like true, creating them. And actually, that’s really hard to quantify. And I think like, we can do it, can’t we online, some like when you creating websites and stuff we were talking about, like conversion rate optimisation and like actual user experience? So like on digital platforms, that’s easy to actually quantify. Yeah,
yeah, cuz I’ve been so analytics based enough and you can go and as obviously time progresses with your with your site, you can always look back and see what why you downforce on what can be changed in a fencer. Yeah. So streamlined.
And like digital heat mapping and stuff that we’ve done with some clients to like, we can literally see exactly where they’ve dropped off the page. Whereas, like, where you’ve lost interest,
yeah, which takes almost like, a lot of the guesswork out of working out what the customer is going to do, which obviously, if it was a physical store, you wouldn’t be able to say, well, the customer, say 66% of the time turns left rather than right come into the shop. Whereas obviously, if it’s heat maps, you get all of that data, then you can choose to do the say the most efficient thing with that done.
Yeah, I think it’s like, because we were talking about like a B testing and how you can like serve different sides to like different things. And I think Google’s like a really famous one about how they had like so many different shades of blue, and they’d like, try to see how it impacted people. And I also saw a funny video as well about this. It was on YouTube, I can’t remember who did it now, but it was a while ago. And it was like basically they set up like a supermarket and tried to like emulate like an online shopping experience. Like a person went to a checkout to like buy something really small I was will say it was pint of milk or something like that. And the person was like, Oh, do you have your email address? And then I can’t remember what email address to use to set it up and they were like, right, okay, well, do you know your password then you’re like, No, I don’t know my password and it was like, then they went through this whole rigmarole and the person was like at the end just shouting like I literally just want to buy some milk. And I think this is where like sometimes the difference between like online GDPR obviously when that came out that was massive. I was working in recruitment at the time and obviously it’s like a service based industry dealing with the whole GDPR nonsense currently call it nonsense. It was hard work really hard work and then but like you’re expected to like deal with people but also as well like follow all of these like ridiculous digital processes. That is quite difficult actually when it comes to it and yeah, I think we’ve we’ve been trying to like deal with some stuff with like MailChimp and stuff as well of clients, haven’t we and they’re having like issues with, I guess the experience because of GDPR and their audience base is quite old. I think you guys were actually dealing with one yesterday you weren’t Yeah,
yeah. So from a legal standpoint, basically. The way MailChimp is handily as the precise way of doing things, but however, even though the the instant or whatever, in case was like a genuine mistake of on subscription to a mailing list
that they paid to subscribe to, yeah, yeah, in theory,
it’s, you’d think, Oh, we can just add them back in. But because they haven’t been gone through all the processes of signing up, and, you know, wholeheartedly making sure that Yes, I’m fine to sign up to this, somebody else is doing it for them. I can say legally, legally, that is the correct thing to do in terms of stopping them however it does, for all the obstacles are doing that when it’s just such an innocent case of a mistake. Chapman, it does throw them hurdles in the way which is it’s a tricky one, but you can’t really argue with it at the same time.
So that’s just made me think like when you go into shops now and you buy something, and they want to email your receipt, so hand over your email address. I mean, the whole shop can hear you saying that? Yeah, can is that you complying? Everything’s saying yes, you can have all my details, because it doesn’t seem like you’re going through much of a process.
I think that’s a weird way, isn’t it? Because it’s like, you know, when you go to like Starbucks or wherever, and they like try and push you to buy a large I guess it’s like a way of like selling you and like maybe drawing you into the ecosystem got
me the other day, I’ve now got a tub of hot chocolate.
But yeah, I think it’s, you raise a good point. But it’s just like, I think there’s still a mismatch between like digital client experience, customer experience, and that in person customer experience. And it’s like, we were saying yesterday, actually, with James and Mike. Basically, there’s like a cutoff point, like clients under a certain age want you to email them, clients over a certain age want you to pick up the phone and talk to them. And like, it’s one of those where, like my first instance, and I think this is because obviously just works drilled into me. And like when I worked in recruitment, I had to literally call people like 250 300 times a day. Yeah, whenever something happens. I’m like, I can’t be bothered to actually email this out. I’ll just ring the person up and explain because I prefer talking to people. But actually, I’m only 25. And that’s usually unheard of. For people my age,
I am definitely the opposite. I would love because mainly because I would forget about what I’ve said on the phone call five minutes after so I’d like to see of what I’ve said in an email
is that rather than no over them, I’m a little bit like my phone rings. And why are you ringing me just message me?
See, I’m the opposite. Actually, you know how you say that you remember, like, emails and stuff more. Obviously, emails are great and everything because you can save them. I cannot remember I say I send that many emails a day. And I get that many emails a day. I can’t remember what I get in them. Whereas like, if I have a conversation with someone, I remember things about them. And when we were talking back to, you know, like training and stuff, how you mentioned like Weatherspoon, she got, like random training on like, lifting safely. During sales training, they taught us to like listen and take kind of like cues off people and then remember things about them to build a relationship next time. So that even though you’re cold calling people, the second time you ring them up, you’ve got something to talk to them about, be it like the dog or like their dog’s birthday, or whatever it is. And I actually remember conversations now that I actually have you know, like talking to people on the
set those things in an email.
No and less personal. Yeah, definitely. And it’s things like, you see, like things on like, clients backgrounds and stuff on on Zoom and stuff. And it’s like, I know what I know what artwork clients have got on the walls and like, you get snippets into people’s lives, like you just would not normally get on like an email.
And if you’re buying them a gift, you know what tastes they have?
True. It’s always handy, but it’s just, I just find I struggle sometimes with like, the digital faceless and stuff. And I think some some of that to do is like object permanence. Like, alright, okay, it’s just an email, and it’s gone now. And there’s no get like, in my mind, it’s because I get that many of them to do, like, okay, that’s gone. And then like, actually, when I have clients that take the time to speak to me on the phone, I feel more empathetic towards them. I want to like give them better service in some way as well. Because you feel like you’re more like the relationships there. And like you can pick up and talk to them about things. And usually, as well, I found because my whole thing with phone calls is if I want to do something, I want to do it now before I forget. And you phone someone up and you get the answer straight away. Whereas like if you email them, you’re waiting for like, however long some people take weeks to get back to you. It’s like I don’t want to send you four emails when I could literally call you and get the answer right now. But I think that’s that again comes down to just like personal preference and service.
And I suppose you might get it wrong as well. If you think right, I’m just gonna email this person they might be a person that would appreciate a phone call to them, they might think, Oh, watch can’t be bothered to ring me. Yeah,
potentially, yeah, typical. But now I think it’s like, and then also as well, I think we’ve emails and stuff. We’ve had it before where people come across, like, really, I guess, like, brusque on email, and then like you meet them in person, and they’re so lovely. And you can’t really tell people’s like personalities and stuff as well. And it’s actually hard then to like, tailor your service level, to that person.
If you know somebody really well, you can gauge what their meaning even by punctuation, like, you know, one of my oldest friends, I know exactly what mood she’s in just by a text message. But you can’t do that with a customer. You don’t know you can assume but you’re probably wrong. Yeah. And
I think that’s when you start assuming you start bringing, like, I guess, past experiences that you’ve had with people with completely different personalities to them. And then you might be delivering the service in a way that actually that’s not like, conducive to how that person wants to work.
I heard that a mother spoon she gets some customers and you know, that they’d want to chat? Yeah. Every time they come to the bar, but the you know that there are some people who prefer a bit more no eye contact? Yes. No rational on a pay on a leave. Yeah, it was I Okay, in that the only way I got to know that was by talking to them and seeing them, you know, the people interacted with them. But you can’t do that online.
I must have one of those faces because I can get in life stories from people.
Yeah, people see you and they’re like, Yeah, I can offload onto this woman
do actually have to go.
I think it’s, it’s just about like different personalities and stuff as well. And then I think this is where it comes down to like putting people with the right personalities in the right job roles so that they provide the best service and stuff as well. So it’s like, when I worked at Alton Towers, we had like, two different parts we had like after day service, which was like all the social media, emails, phone calls, that sort of stuff, where it was like they were back in the backend of the office. And like, those were people that could probably sit down and deal with things usually actually like a little bit more, I guess, literate, because obviously you had to type and stuff, but then you’d have people like on the on the day team. And then that was split into as two as well. It was like sales and customer services at the time. So you’d put your more naturally empathetic people on like the customer service side, and then you’d put your more kind of like task orientated, like efficient people on the sales side. And it’s just because obviously, when I was like managing that team and let leading them you’d have to choose like, who to put where, and it’s, I guess, you try and think about the person especially in like service based businesses that you’re putting there like, because if you put in like, for example, if you put me in like the customer service side and stuff, I’m more driven by efficiency, I want things I want to get things done, and I wanted to get a queue down. So if someone was complaining to me, because the chips were cold, my level of empathy isn’t going to be as high as other people’s. And so it’s, it’s people that like actually enjoy, you know, like having the time of day and having those conversations with people to provide that good service. And I think this is where I guess like good management and leadership comes into, like defining the service as well. And it’s difficult if you don’t know, the people that you’ve got was going to just say at your disposal.
I mean, we’ve had it before now where, you know, different people working here have clashed with different clients just because they are never ever going to get on in any walk of life work. You know, personally, whatever it is, and they do just need to deal with somebody else and then it’s absolutely fine. Yeah. You can’t all get on with everybody as much as you’d like
to. Yeah, I think it’s all about like different ways of working and stuff as well and just who wants to do stuff like we we’ve had it like Alton Towers and I guess she probably had it in places like Debenhams and stuff as well. You get the people come in and and will not speak to anyone unless they are the manager. Yes. And it’s, it’s like well, this person here is very capable of doing that. And I used to get it a lot as well because like I was managing that team Alton Towers when I was 22.
That’s it. They don’t deem you old enough to be able to deal
with it. 100% Yes, so one of my favourite lines used to be I just moisturise everyday. But I tried to make a joke out of it. I mean, 50% of the time it would land at the time it definitely wouldn’t. I’ve had people say to me before Alton Towers that they didn’t think I was a manager because I wasn’t a man. Yeah, so honestly, like every
hour Does that still happen?
Yeah, no, I used to just find it funny. The first time it happened was, it was just weird because it was. I think it’s just one of those, isn’t it? No one expects that to happen now. And my argument is like when it comes to like different service levels and stuff, the customer while it does pay, it’s not that they’re always right. Especially when they’re bringing like antiquated viewpoints and
stuff like that. They’re not always right by any stretch.
But they’re the ones that bring money into your business. And it’s almost like, Okay, well, do we actually want money from people like this? Yeah,
I mean, my first one, my first proper job, my first properly paid job was in a linen shop. And it was, you know, it wasn’t very expensive. It wasn’t a high end by any stretch, and you get people come in, and they moan Something Rotten about and like, you just paid five pounds that and you just spent an hour moaning about it. It’s very hard to then. Okay, you have to stay polite. Nice, don’t you? But you know, there’s only so much you can give.
Yeah, I think it’s when it comes to like service and stuff. It’s how much do you want to give and like, I’ve had like feedback from people that like, I give too much of myself and my job sometimes. But like, actually, I’m a creative person, like everything, you’re getting your marketing strategy, I’ve created it. And whatever it is, like the content and stuff like we’ve created it your graphics, like the graphic I was, it’s a shame actually, we’ve not got anyone from the design team on this one. Like, they put so much of her like creativity and like empathy into like the graphics and stuff like that. It’s like, if you’re creatively inclined, you are giving a part of yourself every time you create it. And sometimes people don’t really get that if they’ve not, if they’re not that way inclined, I don’t think they don’t understand the process now, or if they’re not, if I service levels, like aren’t there and stuff. And I think what we’ve tried to do, especially because like, we have quite a good customer service, I guess, online, it’s got quite a nice, like natural flow to it, especially now that we’re like getting content and stuff out regularly. We’re educating clients, and we’re trying to like keep them engaged all the time. And then when they come through to us, it’s like, okay, well, who’s their main point of contact now sit there feel like they’ve always got someone there that knows their client account and looks after them. And I think sometimes with things like that, it’s just making sure that the service level you give is also, I guess, conducive to the account. And I guess how much they actually want, the person is the right person and the expert in that area to actually help them and if you’re the client account, but actually someone else could help you, using the resources that we’ve got to create like a homogenous experience for them, the more we still have us on what they think they’re going to get. Yeah. So to wrap up, then, what’s the best experience you’ve ever had with a brand
it’s a tough one
dramatic polls
give us some warning.
Don’t all talk at one.
You should know by now. I don’t really prefer
Oh, only it’s not I don’t have anything amazing. But I really really like buying things in Jo Malone. And I don’t do very often. Yeah, it’s
in Jo Malone.
Yeah, I’m not doing it online. Oh, okay. And that’s interesting. It’s just nice going in. Obviously, you can smell everything and the service level is really good. They’re not too over the top but they’re helpful. They can advise you on what you’re looking for. And it’s just the whole experience and how they wrap it and at the tail end it makes you feel like
like Mr beat on Love Actually.
I absolutely love that and I think every shop should be like that and I even want to you know, get involved in all shops to make it like that. But I just really like the experience because it is you know, it’s a lot of money that you’re spending on a candle or some perfume or whatever it is. Yeah, you know, not everybody you know wants to spend that much money on something it was a bit of a wrench when I first did and I was like what do you know what now I’ve had a bit of a bonus I’m going to treat myself and I felt a bit guilty but the experience which is nice and you just felt a bit kind of okay, yeah, that was a bit but actually I really enjoyed that.
Yeah, no, I love luxury shops like that as well. Like yeah, I won’t spend money but when I spend money it’s
Yeah, you don’t get quite the same experience in b&m Do you
and some, your best experience that you’ve had.
No, I’ve had time to think I’ve got a cut. I think I’ve got a couple Oh go and mine are because I enjoy, streamline and as little contact with people as possible. Really bottom line However, it works for me. So literally the over the week, actually, so I’ve been looking for a vinyl record by span and I can’t find this record for months because it’s it was only a limited press however. But it’s been stopped for like, once because it’s it’s a two year old record and they’re not a massive band, by all accounts. But HMV listed it, but I was just showing it as out of stock on the website. And I thought, Okay, I’ll just put my email just to be notified. Whenever it does come in stock. It might it might have never done whatever, but it did the pop or for on the the other week, I got an email straight into the basket chats out, because it was free to it was 2022 pounds, free delivery over 20 quid, which is great, because I don’t want to pay for shipping anyway. Chats out. And it was a real mouse truck 48 So I get to see everything when it’s coming and not. And yeah, it was there in two days for great, gentlemen. I’ve got something a bit after four months anyway. And in two days, I’ve got it straight after speak to anybody go out anyway. It’s just it’s just coming through. I don’t have to sign for it either. So so there’s no need to be subbasement. Exactly. There’s no missed trips to the to the post office to go and collect it or anything like it or around the neighbours. It’s fine. I’ve got lovely neighbours, by the way they might be listening. By the way, I’ve got it and then I can just listen to it. So when a second one would probably be with BrewDog. I ordered something about six months ago, when a film was still quite lockdown driven, shall we say? So I ordered some some beer on there. And then I checked out as a guest. Forgetting that I had an account, and then I thought okay, maybe it will just show up in the account. It didn’t. And then I was like, Okay, I didn’t because I don’t believe I didn’t have an order confirmation either. So I was like, I’m just gonna speak to the support, because they have like a 24/7 support. Yeah. access through like Zendesk. And it was just easy to just speak to somebody on there says, Yeah, we got the audit, I’ll be with you. And, again, two to three days, whatever. Give me a tracking code, just to to look after it as well. None. That was that. So that was because the anybody could say that they’ve just ordered whatever. And then another giant winging their way through that conversation, but 30 were quiet, quite open and quite, you know, understanding as well, which is a good experience in my book.
Cool. Rebecca.
See, I’m a quiet like, maybe opposite sound, but I quite like a bit of content, but I’m also very thorough when I’m making a decision isn’t just like a two step. Yeah, I’ll buy that. Let’s go. I’m like, research. Everything about this product. So I remember. See, mine’s quite complex. I watched this girl I think it’s Instagram. And she always harps on about how she’s got this amazing foundation it’s the best one she ever buys. It’s Armani Selke and other foundations she always wears it and she says it’s the best one no, I’ve looked at this before and I thought well I don’t really I wouldn’t know what shade had been I’d hate to buy about buy a bottle of 40 pound Foundation get it and think that’s not my skin tone so she was out right the doing a free sample giveaway so thought rat or sign up for that signed up for it give me email. And I didn’t know what shader also was like, I need to go into the Armani website went on there. They’ve got like a camera where you can do jacket farmer shade. How’s that? Yeah, great. So put it in got the sample sample was great. I absolutely love it. And then because I give my email have now signed up to that email and then they’ve now give me 25% off football whenever now I’m gonna buy that. So the high might do the whole kind of process has been really good because I’ve tried it I’ve had interaction with them. I’ve got kind of word of mouth of other people’s Yeah, really good is I’ve had emails often enough on social media. So all of that stuff has kind of worked together now. It’s just been really good because I’ve going from being really unsure to now be like now I never know I love it. Yeah. But yeah, that’s my Christmas list.
I think it’s, it’s great, isn’t it when it’s like online, but they actually give you that level of like personal experience as well. Like, just try And to think that what have I done recently? In terms right, okay, so I needed to buy more money, why phone and it was like quite a I needed one now. And there’s like supply chain issues and stuff as well. So I tried online and everywhere was like it take a few days, at least together. I was like, Oh, that’s not great. I kind of need one by the end of today. So I went down to curries, and went to their like phone section. And they were like, well, we can’t get you on today. But if you go over to the Apple section, then they might be able to give you one. So in the same shop, literally in the same shop. 10 steps away,
not work as a team.
They get their orders from different places, because it used to be phones for you. And like I think they could tell that I was getting a bit like Karen on them. Because I was like, what why is that the case? And they explained it to me. Yeah. I’m the opposite to Rebecca. I want something I know that I want it. I’m just like, give it to me now.
I’ve decided I wanted it if I can’t have it straightaway, then I give up.
Yeah. Pretty much instant gratification. Yeah. And anyway, like I went across to like the woman and the apple stand and was like, Hi, um, they’ve told me that they can’t get me an iPhone. Till I think it was like three weeks. They were like, if I come to you, can you see if you’ve got one. And I was like, I don’t care what model it is. As long as it’s like iPhone 12 or above. I just really, really need one by the end of the day, because I’m a broke phone. And she like drives to work and stuff in the dark in the morning. She feels a bit like anxious about doing it without her work doing it without a phone. So it’s understandable. It was like I need one. So she was like, Yeah, okay, let me see what I can get you and I was like, I can get your blue iPhone 12. And I was like, Okay, how much is it? She told me I wanted to cry. I was like, Yeah, she’ll get it. And literally within two minutes, she actually managed to sort me out and like now I get emails from them like ways to boost your iPhone 12 And it’s like I’m not reading I’m also not forwarding it to mom because she will not read. But like that’s I think that’s one where like service just confused me and I think their brand value proposition and how they’ve got like their different like product portfolio mixes and like the way that they bring it in just did not make sense to me at all. But once I actually found the right woman she did my she sought me out so badly be too hard on them. Would that
put you off going back? Yeah. Or the fact that they sorted you out in the end make you think oh, actually, I’ll try it again.
No, because I it took me about 10 minutes.
guys had an experience like that records aren’t my Craven Hoover broken the same weekend, which was great. So here’s the opposite. You need one. Yeah. So going in. You’re practising with whoever’s on the floor. You pick one you want. And then you look around and there’s no staff. Curry’s Yeah, when
you just had a mooch around there. They’re like hawks. Yeah, yeah. But when
I’m stood there with like a Hoover in America, and I’m like, I want to buy these. I can’t see anyone. I’ve always struggled with that inquiries, and no one ever there
is I think it’s that one kind of really got TV because I think it was like the simplest thing, like, I’m going to buy something that I think in the end cost me about 800 quid, it’s small. It’s like, I think as well with Cory, sometimes, if you’re buying things outright, they don’t want to know you. But as soon as you say that you need it. Unlike their financing, you need to sign up to them, like all over you’re like a rash. And it’s like, actually, no, I have money, just like I just want to buy it. So that was annoying. And I think their service levels dropped because I’d been in with my brother a few weeks before and he bought like the Xbox One, but he always like signs up and gets it oh, you know, at the no percent finance where it’s like, I’m, I hate paying for things on credit. If I have the money, I’ll pay for it. And his level of service was so much better than mine, because they obviously wanted to like tie him in and like try and upsell all this stuff to him. And I was like, No, I’m buying it on a credit card. Obviously it’s protected anyway, like, then I can just, I don’t know, transfer it back across but because you’re not using their credit. It’s like they don’t want to know you. And that’s yeah, that annoys me.
It’s crazy because they don’t know what you’re intending to buy in the future.
Yeah, true. I mean, like I’ve literally just gone in and bought an iPhone out right? Like what about when the new Mac comes out? Which is what I want to buy next? I’m not buying that off them now. I’ll go apple instead.
No, that’s it whereas if you had a different experience you may well have gone there because it’s local and it
well I could have had it the same day then now after Order offline later in life. Yeah, get it the next day, which is annoying, especially for us. You might get there and then but yeah, over good service I’ve had this is probably a different one. You were laughing at me yesterday for Rebecca when I didn’t know what difference the nails was all about dagger two, it was like hi, what does this nails what does this mean? And I was like, but did you fail? So they were like, no, no. So by Dale split, can you tell me what state my nails in and if you can beat them, so I literally ran up dead quick and like they were able to in Sam’s giving me the most disgusting
I have mine done and I’m confused.
But yeah, so I went to open like they basically just like had a look at my nails and they were like yeah, so we can actually work on these because like they split and you can’t see it because it’s what I’ve
done to them then just
painted. Okay. But yeah, I didn’t want to pay to get them painted if they were like a manicure done on them if it was just gonna break because my nails break all the time. So yeah, they they went and had a look at my nails assess my hands. And it was good to go. So I booked him for Friday.
Never had my hands assessed.
So yeah, that was that was great surface. But yeah, I think I think they used to be asking them a ridiculous question. So. But no, I think that was great service. Have you ever had a really bad experience? With a brand? That’s just like completely put you off?
Yeah, actually, Mercedes. Oh, we went in there. And we get these weird whims. What do you know what was going on? Look, we were in the in the market for buying a car, obviously went in there. And I was, you know, I wasn’t particularly well dressed. I just chucked some clothes on the, you know, the weekend not thinking about where I was going anything like that. Clearly thought that, oh, well, they can’t afford it didn’t even come speak to us. And we hovered around for a while, was like, You know what? That’s really, really bad. And the way they sort of looked at us was like, Well, why bother with them? So we went to different galleries and we bought a car, you know, we probably would have bought
the car could have made someone a lot of money as
well. I’ve done that before. And BMW, me and me and my son went and turned off and we’re about 20. Yeah. And we walked in and it took a good five minutes for anyone to acknowledges. And then we sat down, and he kind of showed us two cars, which were probably the cheapest cars there. And while he wasn’t really bothered, and he said, well just go away and think about it. So like you we went to a different place and bought a car.
Yeah, brother had something similar actually with ride book Landrover. So my brother was what 21? And he showed up. He my brother, we, I’d say our our casual is like smart casual anyway.
Yeah, it shouldn’t matter, should it?
No, but he went into rye Brook Landry have really wanted to buy this discovery. And obviously, as a young lad, and I think they were quite rude to him at the start. And he was like, trying to figure out how to basically finance it in a way because he gets like a small basic, but he gets a real he gets a lot on commission and his job. And anyway, like they were they were always really quite like blunt with them and not great service until it came to the finance application. And he mentioned how much he was on. And then that you can change massively given a Landrover experience day when he bought the car and I had it completely validated for free for him. And it was like it was just completely different. And like, me, and my mom went to many cars we’ve recently like just put cars on order and stuff and like, I cannot fault the experience that we had with them. Like they literally bent over backwards to like help my mom get the car that she wanted because she’s gotten many of them now she’s getting a new one in the price range that she had. They put on like a big discount for because she’s got a blue light card and stuff and because me and her were buying as well. They’ve discounted my car to thank you. Always good. So it’s they’ve managed to like I went in asking for a mini one originally and they managed to get me a Mini Cooper engine with all the specs on for cheaper than the mini one that I was originally asking for. And like they endorsed me while I was hobbling which you know made me feel great, because I had one
you haven’t Yeah, yeah. But no, they
were they were just really great. And then like they took us free. Like the configuration of the cars that we wanted, showed us on another big TV in the end. And it was just a really, really nice experience. Yeah. And yeah, I think it’s just a shame, isn’t it when you go into places like it’s always car places as well as looked down on Yeah,
yeah. And I think, you know, fine. I wasn’t looking particularly smart that day, but it was the weekend, you know, yeah, it shouldn’t matter
now. So there’s only automotive companies listening to this. judge people on how that dress be more like many. But yeah, client experience isn’t just online and I think the offline touchpoints that you have with your customers are super important so if you’d like any more any help with this customer journey mapping potentially or just coming in having a chat with us about any ideas you’ve had just give us about or email us at Hello at so

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