Nominated For 2 RAR Awards – 2016

Events Nominated For 2 RAR Awards – 2016

Like a Delicious RAR Steak

That’s right, SO Marketing have once again proved that if you hang around the RAR Awards like a bad smell for long enough – they’ll definitely recognise you for something!  We’re kidding of course; we like to think we’ve been recognised for our innovative designs and outstanding customer service, but persistence definitely helps.

We’re happier than a kid at Christmas to have been nominated for the following categories:

  • Best Agency for Design
  • Value For Money

But who are these RAR guys anyway? Well, “RAR” stands for “Recommended Agency Register”, and if you work in the fields of graphic and website design, they’re a pretty big deal. What’s unique about the RAR Awards is that they’re decided solely on client testimonials and voting systems, which basically means that we’ve got you to thank for our nominations!

Quirky Bowties at the Ready

SO Marketing are delighted to have been nominated for the third year running for the “Best Agency for Design” award, which is basically one of the most prestigious accreditations in the industry. If it helps, think of us like a young and handsome Harrison Ford, dodging poisonous website glitches and fleeing un-responsive boulders to get our hands on the coveted Holy Grail of digital design. In fact, if our in-depth corporate research (and for that, read “quick Google and 5 minutes spent on Wikipedia”) serves us correctly, SO are the only agency in the history of the Universe to have been nominated for the Design award three times in a row!

This award basically guarantees our clients that the websites we design represent the cutting edge of the industry, incorporating the latest techniques such as HTML5 video to deliver a user-friendly, veritably eye-popping experience.

Great Design? That’s RAR

Friendly local web designers that we are, we’re always looking for new clients to impress, new companies to work with and new minds to boggle with our great design. If you fancy learning more, drop us a line at [email protected] today for all enquiries. Otherwise, we trust you’ll be keeping everything crossed for the official awards ceremony later this year!

Now, if you’ll excuse me, we’re getting the door frames in the office re-measured, our heads are getting a little too big with all these nominations…

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