New Year, New Website

Culture New Year, New Website

High Resolutions

Losing a bit of weight, moving a bit faster and generally just looking a bit better – these are all things we want from our ideal websites (what did you think we were talking about?), but always struggle to manage. Well what if SO Marketing told you that in 2016, you can have all of these things and more? Professional web design is our digital bread and butter; we have a proven track record of helping clients, large and small, take the digital market by storm, either through ecommerce web development or even building custom CMS systems. Check out a brief outline of each of our website packages today, and get in touch for more advice on which is right for you.

Brochure – “The Short & Sweet”

The brochure website is our simplest, most affordable build. Typically consisting of five pages, the brochure web design is a clear, functional means of transmitting key information to your potential customers. These types of sites are best suited to tradesmen like plumbers, construction specialists or electricians, whose content (i.e. description of services) won’t need to be changed very often. Of course, SO will always strive to deliver a vibrant, attention-grabbing design that appeals to your customers whilst remaining true to your brand – that goes without saying.

CMS – “The Control Freak”

Content Management Systems (more often than not abbreviated to CMSs) are a quick and easy way to update the copy found on your website. This means that you can add or update key pages like company biographies, and even include new services you offer. If the content on your site is likely to be changed, updated or added to on a regular basis, we recommend the inclusion of a purpose-built content management system. This is effectively an extremely user-friendly “back end” to the site that allows you to make changes to the content without having to pay (and pester) guys like us to do it. CMS web design packages include basic training on how to navigate and use the system. Remember that adding keyword rich content on a regular basis has been shown to improve your natural Google listings!

Ecommerce – “The Salesman”

Anyone who’s looking to sell products effectively online, regardless of the gear they’re looking to shift, needs a functional, responsive ecommerce platform. Trends indicate that user experience is one of the defining factors in whether or not a consumer makes a purchase online; navigating a slow, awkward website is – after all – the equivalent of battling through crowds in the Trafford Centre on Christmas Eve. With this in mind, we place user-experience at the heart of every ecommerce website development project we take on. We deliver striking themes and designs to make your brand ooze professionalism, all layered on top of architecture that makes navigating your site a quick, user-friendly experience.

Sticking to It

Across all of our website development packages, SO Marketing strive to deliver on-brand, user-friendly builds at a suitable budget. Chat to us today on 01538 750 538 to learn more about our various packages, or discuss our hosting services.

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