New Ecommerce Website for Cottage Delight

Work New Ecommerce Website for Cottage Delight

Cottage Delight continues growth plans with the launch of a new ecommerce website designed and developed by SO Marketing.

Established over 45 years ago, Cottage Delight is a Staffordshire based FMCG business who specialises in creating a range of culinary products. Wanting a website to enhance its growth and development plans, Cottage Delight shared its need for a new ecommerce site with SO Marketing.

Following a rebrand, the new website implemented Cottage Delight’s new branding into its digital presence, this tied in with needing to replatform its old website from Magento 1. Cottage Delight took this as an opportunity to choose a platform that will evolve and develop alongside future plans for business growth. Choosing to work with SO Marketing because of its expertise in creating WordPress WooCommerce websites for FMCG clients, Cottage Delight specified the need for a flexible ecommerce site that is user friendly and has good admin functionality.

While in the pipeline before COVID, Cottage Delight made the decision to accelerate the build of the new ecommerce site to allow for more agility and greater service to its customers. With traditional retail partnerships becoming reimagined, Cottage Delight chose SO Marketing as a partner who could help with its digital strategy and boost its online presence.

James Aberley, Managing Director at SO Marketing said, “Cottage Delight is a client we have wanted to work with for a long time. Getting the chance to work with them on their future e-commerce ambitions and to provide a platform for their growth has been an exciting project. We have been working with many clients to improve their e-commerce processes and platforms during the COVID period as we are seeing this as a huge growth area with our clients who sell online, outperforming traditional bricks and mortar clients considerably.”

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