Magento Expiry Date Near!

Magento Expiry Date Near!

News Magento Expiry Date Near!

It’s safe to say that Magento has been an incredibly popular platform for many businesses in boosting their online presence. Not only that, it’s has been a successful and useful tool to have in the marketing armoury, irrespective of the type or size of business you’re in. However, all good things do come to an end, and as Magento is discontinued from June, your business need to be on top, online and ahead of the game in your online market position.

If you’re using Magento right now for your website, have you considered your next move and how your online marketing is going to work after this point?

A time of dramatic change like this can be daunting. When it comes to websites, it good to have that comfort blanket of reliability and familiarity with software, systems and people you have worked with for many years and trust to keep things running smoothly. But, instead of seeing this as an anxious time of transition, it’s time to get excited by the possibilities that lie ahead. Platform upgrades and changes are a time of innovation for your business. You can use this opportunity to tinker and tweak or even totally transform your online image for the consumer.

With this in mind, we want to encourage all businesses, whether you’re a current client of ours or not, to seek advice on what the best move is for your business right now. You need to ensure your migration to a new platform is smooth and efficient with a long-term strategy put in place to make the new site work for you better than ever before. At SO Marketing, have worked with a huge number of businesses on their e-commerce sites. And, particularly right now, we are advising and assisting all firms in ensuring their business is performing to the best of its ability in the current climate with a user-friendly, reliable and fully supported system. Now more than ever, you need to be reaping the benefits of an online system and a marketing agency that will keep you online and on top all day, every day.

Our suite of software solutions can be tailored to your exact needs. Whether you just want a simple migration solution to WooCommerce, or you want a complete overhaul, we are here for you. You can also speak to our team about our support solutions to ensure your site is always taken care of and issues are fixed efficiently.

So, if you’re currently Magento software user for your website, don’t let this news and time of dramatic change create a sense of uncertainty. See it as an opportunity to develop, innovate and create a whole new world of possibilities for your business. Software may have an end of life, but that is not the case for your business and your marketing potential.

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