Low-Budget Marketing and You

Work Low-Budget Marketing and You

It’s a big world out there!
As a small business in a world dominated by global commerce, it can sometimes prove to be extraordinarily difficult to get off the ground and create something successful, which means there isn’t always a stockpile of gold bullion available for you to dispense on flashy publicity stunts. Although approaching marketing can sometimes seem daunting(ly expensive) at first, there are plenty of ways to promote your budding business online and outside the realm of the internet that are low-budget and surprisingly cost-efficient.

Size doesn’t always matter…
You could start on a very small scale, doing simple things at first such as merely asking a satisfied client for a referral; you never know where one referral could take you. Such a basic thing can lead to chains of customers lining up for your services, proving that not all marketing strategies have to be huge and that low-budget ones can be just as effective, despite maybe not being as cool or exciting.

(Face)Book an appointment!
With the development of social media over the last 10 years and the evolution of digital communication, a huge platform has been forged for you to access easily and use to watch GIFs of dogs doing silly things from the comfort of your couch. However, despite the temptation of dog GIFs, the wonderful world of sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and many more are perfect doors of opportunity in business promotion and low-budget marketing tactics. By just having an account for your business on different social media platforms, it can allow you to show to your audience the progress of endeavours that you may be undertaking, but it also gives you a space to interact with potential customers and clients online, making gaining business and spreading the word about your company easier and quicker than putting cards through letterboxes.

A-ha, I’ve got an idea!
Despite what The Buggles said, video didn’t really kill the radio star, and using radio to advertise can prove to be much more low-budget friendly and cheaper than using alternative outlets, such as advertisement slots online, on billboards  or at 8pm during Coronation Street. People listening to radio stations during their working hours or those on the daily commute can be exposed to your business through the medium of their little music-playing box and you can get some effective publicity on a low-budget.

Bringing your business to the forefront of your market is important and standing out is a key element in the recipe for success. Discover more about low-budget marketing tactics & ideas on how to grow your business by contacting our team at [email protected] to ensure that you have the best chance to grow.

Blog written by Ethan Thomason.

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