Logo Design: Bigger Isn’t Always Better

Creative Logo Design: Bigger Isn’t Always Better

“It’s not bright enough”
“I really think it needs to be a bit bigger, is that alright?”
“I don’t know what it is, it just doesn’t jump out at me, you know?”
No, we don’t know to be honest. Working as a graphic design and branding agency, these are just some examples of the (extremely helpful) feedback we get on our work on a regular basis. It’s often the case that clients want the biggest, loudest logos that shout what they do from the rooftops, but as professional designers, we really need to stress this isn’t always the best idea; let’s be honest, it’s a logo, not a horror movie, nothing needs to be jumping out of anywhere.

To me, to you
We wouldn’t have gotten to where we are today without heavily taking our clients requirements into consideration, but we also feel that it’s our job as graphic designers to equally infuse our knowledge of current trends and web design fashions into the mix as well. Normally it goes a little like this; the client approaches us with a brief, we take time to learn about their brand, we build a logo that accentuates what they’re about whilst keeping with current design trends – pretty simple, I’m sure you’d agree.

The problem is that the way in which businesses market their services has changed drastically over the years; it’s no longer about trying to vie for someone’s attention on a crowded classified page of a newspaper. Rather, brands use several different channels, including social media, leaflet distribution, direct mail and so on, to increase their brand exposure, and thus the need for a logo that shouts the loudest simply isn’t there anymore.

Don’t a-brand-on subtlety
Nowadays, your brand is made up of so much more than just your logo; it incorporates your staff, your online profile, your premises, even your vehicles if you have them. Thus, with brand image now being such a multi-layered and complex thing, the most successful logo designs in contrast are those that are understated and subtle. Logos in the large part are about trying to get across a little bit of your business’s personality, but they’re also about cohesion; they’re a method of drawing together all of the various aspects that make up your brand under one, easily identifiable umbrella. The most innovative logo designers don’t overcomplicate their work with multiple images and several typefaces, rather they come up with concepts that are simple in nature, and capture a small snippet of your brand image whilst enticing consumers to explore further.

At the heart of every effective rebranding solution is a strong, clear logo, so it’s important that you take time to get it right. It might be tempted to ask for a bigger font, bolder lettering, more vivid colour schemes, but you should also to take care to listen to your designer’s recommendations, as they know how to build successful brands in today’s crowded climate. If you’d like to know more about SO Marketing’s branding services, as always, we’re happy to have a good natter over at [email protected].

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