Is Magento 1.9 support ending causing you nightmares?

Technical Is Magento 1.9 support ending causing you nightmares?

Sleep easy! We’ve got the answers!

If you’ve been in business for a number of years, it will come as no surprise that change happens.

When we least expect it, at the most irritating times, or through positive innovation. Whatever and whenever change comes along, all businesses need to be able adapt and change over time to fit and flourish in new and emerging landscapes.

And so, with the recent announcement from Magento removing their support and updates for Magento 1.9 by June 2020, it calls for businesses using the platform to have a rethink on their digital solutions.

But never fear! Whilst on the face of it, this blow from Magento may seem like an irritating and time-consuming issue to deal with, it does present an exciting opportunity.

And that’s where we can help.

This change allows you to open up the consideration for alternatives you may not have previously noticed, had knowledge of or even cared about (Let’s face it, why would you if you web solution was already working just fine). However, at SO Marketing we are experts in a range of ecommerce and digital solutions for businesses. And with our broad portfolio, we know he right fit for you and your business to make the transition as smooth as possible. It may even prove a better fit and more profitable solution in the long-term.

Take Woocommerce for instance. This plugin is perfect for the small to large sized online merchants using the WordPress platform. It’s simple to install and is an extremely popular and successful choice for many clients.

And of course, the aforementioned WordPress is a hit with businesses old and young, big and small. And our tech team are absolute WordPress wizards. We pride ourselves in fact on our WordPress knowledge. From designing and creating a brand-new site to recrafting, maintaining and updating an existing site. Our team know how to transform your ideas and vision into a true digital masterpiece that’s not only an easy consumer experience, but an effective and stress-free solution for your businesses.

So, as the digital world changes throughout the years, let’s embrace it!

Take a look at our previous work. Explore our team and agency. Learn from our latest insights. Get in touch to begin your journey with us!