Is a Newsletter Sign Up Really Worthwhile on your Website…

News Is a Newsletter Sign Up Really Worthwhile on your Website…

Does Anyone Actually Use it Anymore?

With the power of social media taking up a good chunk of the spotlight it’s not surprising that the humble newsletter has been somewhat relegated to the cheap seats. Some companies have unwisely ditched them altogether which is misguided when the research points to the fact that adults check their emails far more often than they check their social media.

So why are some people dropping their email marketing campaigns or scaling them down in favour of spending more time on their social media pages?

Email marketing via newsletters and promotional offers was once the be-all and end-all of online marketing so what’s changed?

In reality not much; people have been sidetracked by the wonder that is social media, and yet consumers are still diligently checking their inboxes daily as well as responding to offers and advertisements sent to them by their favourite stores within newsletters.

The reason they read and often respond to email marketing is because the vast majority of people like being updated by stores which they’ve previously purchased items from.

As long as your newsletters are bursting with good quality content as well as usable offers, your audience will love to read them. Make sure they’re well written and that all of the information contained within is correct and up-to-date and your contacts will be pleased to read them.

Thinking of your newsletter as a sort of traditional family “round robin” update is a good way to look at it; most people love to feel part of the gang; address your customers like old friends, fill them in on your news and tell them all about that great new product you’re about to introduce and remember…choose your headline very carefully because if you’ve got a sale on you need to let them know immediately before they’ve even opened the newsletter.

Emails which are from a recognised source and which cite offers of money off are far more likely to be opened immediately than other forms of email marketing.

It’s not only advertising that newsletters are useful for though; they’re also a great way to boost your social media following.

Let readers know that you’re running a giveaway on your Facebook page and they’ll be far more likely to click through and like as well as share.

Remember that keeping your social media pages updated as often as your newsletters is also vital; social media pages which appear neglected or unused are off-putting for most consumers.

People use social media as a benchmark for a businesses performance today; just as they want a company which is easy to contact via email they want to see that all of your online presence is connected and well maintained.

A good newsletter is worth a thousand weak or badly managed social media updates; the trick is to be consistent with all of your marketing and to circulate only well written content which contains useful information.

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