Hur-RAR: SO Marketing Are RAR 2015 Design Award Winners … Again!

Events Hur-RAR: SO Marketing Are RAR 2015 Design Award Winners … Again!

As we might have (very) briefly mentioned on our social media these past couple of weeks, the whole team here are at SO Marketing were very happy to take home two prizes at the RAR 2015 Awards, for both design and client services (it’s actually the second time we’ve won the design award, not that we’re counting). We wouldn’t blame you if you missed it; we’re not naturally the type to make a big fuss out of things like that. We’re kidding of course, we really milked it on Facebook and Twitter, but who doesn’t like an opportunity to show off a bit every now and then?

We’re extremely proud to be recognised as RAR 2015 Design Award winners, especially having picked one up for the second year running, and we wanted to take a bit of time to explain what this means for all of our great clients out there. By great clients of course we’re referring to you (or future you, if you haven’t undertaken a project with us already).

The RAR Design Awards in A Nutshell
For the uninitiated amongst you, RAR stands for Recommended Agency Register, and they’re a pretty big deal in the world of digital marketing; it’s a bit like Britain’s Got Talent for creative agencies, but with fewer buzzers and weirdly more spandex, if the awards ceremonies are anything to go by…
The point is that they’re inherently client focussed and client driven; the unique thing about the RAR Design Awards is that categories are decided solely on customer testimonials, so they’re an impartial way of ascertaining which creative agencies work hardest to exceed their customers’ requirements. So, as you can imagine, we’re extremely grateful to all of our clients for all of their help and support, and we promise to carry the “RAR Design Award winning agency” banner with honour! We’re talking about a metaphorical banner of course, a real one would be tacky… right?

Taking the Next Step
So what does it feel to be a RAR 2015 Design Award winning agency? Well, it’s not all cocktails on our private yachts, let me tell you that! In fact, having just moved into our brand spanking new Leek offices, SO Marketing have never been busier – but this doesn’t mean we’re going to compromise on our core ideals. For all of our long standing, new and prospective clients, we’re committed to continually providing our high level of customer service, ensuring their needs are met on budget and to deadline. We’re also going to keep churning out fresh and original designs that are not only on-trend, but acutely tailored to the image and requirements of our clients, because at the end of the day, that’s what we love doing. We’ve also become pretty attached to our Design award trophy, having won it two years in a row now, so we plan on taking it home again next year.

The RAR 2015 Design Awards are proof that SO Marketing are ready to hit the ground running, so if you’re looking to start a new project, whether it’s a website update or a complete rebranding, why not get in touch with one of us today?  Call 01538 750538 or email [email protected]

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