How we helped customers Migrate from Magento 1

Technical How we helped customers Migrate from Magento 1

2020 is well underway here at SO Marketing towers and January is seeing some exciting launches and final finishing touches to many projects we have worked hard to create throughout 2019.

Web development is the biggest and most creative area of our business. Our team are experts in creating websites that not only appeal aesthetically to our clients and their audiences, but they skilfully craft websites that are responsive, intelligent and SEO focused to ensure our clients achieve everything they set out to do with their online presence.

Be seen and convert customers.

One website we have enjoyed getting really stuck into towards the end of last year was for BETD. Now live, this website is something we are extremely proud of. BETD is an existing client of ours and as we inherited their Magento Store website a number of years ago, now that Magento 1 announced it was going ‘end of life’, we took the initiative to have a fresh new approach. We migrated all of their data over to a brand new Woocommerce store.

The site is intelligent, and practical. It allows customers to find what they’re looking for with ease. Enabling a simple user experience for online stores like BETD ensures customers are less likely to fall off pre-purchase and make their purchasing decision before leaving the site. However, it’s not all about being practical and totally sales focused. We wanted to create a site that was impressive and brand-aligned. So this site uses a colour palette, image library, font and content that is appealing and allied with the marketplace BETD operates in.

But January doesn’t stop there for us! We are also in the final processes of completing the brand-new website for AutoBrite. The team at Autobrite have worked with us for many years and our current project with them was to create a useful and forward-thinking platform that can take them into the future. Their current side was a stop-gap creation after the end of their Magento lifespan, so this was a great opportunity for a fresh take, new ideas and a great brainstorm into the goals, targets and ideals for the business online. The site we have created for Autobrite is a fully bespoke e-commerce website to take Autobrite into the main-focus as the industry learing car valeting site. This website needs gravitas and scalability to secure them as the brand of choice, nationwide.

Both of these projects have also included a large migration from their previous site as well as SEO Handover. We also included a lot of client training. We wanted to ensure the team working with and for the sites daily were confident and skilled to manage it, understand it and be confident in anything that may be asked or requested by users of the site. This training is a great way to ensure all staff feel involved and everyone is included in the process as the brand moves forward.

The Autobrite website launches soon, but the BETD site can be seen here.

Our team have worked tirelessly on these projects and we have been able to action our expertise into large-scale web developments that have made us, as managers of SO Marketing, even more confident that we have the best, most skilled and most creative web development team across the country.

Yes, it may be a bold statement, but we know we are able to take a brand, transform it into something that can thrive in this new decade whilst ensuring the heritage is respected.

So, if you’re looking for a creative, reliable, technological and knowledgeable web development digital agency to take your business to the next level, get in touch today, particularly if moving away from Magento 1 is high on your 2020 to do list.

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