How Responsive Web Design Could Transform Your Business

Creative How Responsive Web Design Could Transform Your Business

We live in an age where technology is continually on the go. It seems that the best minds at such corporate giants as Apple are forever promoting their latest brain-child. From the release of the next iPhone model, to the revolutionising features of the most recent iOS software, we’re in constant anticipation of change. Surely it follows, then, that our approach to online business has to adapt too?

I have to admit, there’s no straightforward standard for us to meet. Whether you’re fiddling about on your iPhone, or flicking onto your Android tablet, the dominance of the desktop is no more. With that in mind, it’s no small wonder that responsive web design has stepped into the limelight.

In recent years, we’ve seen a surge in technological change. It’s absolutely essential that your business meets that change head on, guns blaring. Responsive web design has evolved out of that change, accommodating for all of our new and differently formatted devices.

A layout that stubbornly remains as it would appear on a desktop has little to no use for the 40% of internet users who browse on their mobile devices. Can you really be comfortable blocking out almost two fifths of your potential customer base? At SO Marketing of Leek, Staffordshire, we think not.

Rather than leave your users with an online gyroscope, endlessly zooming in and out of their screens, having a responsive layout gives you an opportunity to pander to the users’ needs. Cleverly adapting the screen resolution, image and font size automatically, a responsive website does all the dirty work for them.

A handy side effect of having this format is that you avoid a nasty fall out with your users, cutting out their frustration. Your website no longer plays the role of the obstinate grandparent, stubbornly denying change, but instead welcomes users in. Do this and your site is more likely to be explored.

Ironically, this new technology harks back to good old-fashioned customer service, and that can only mean one thing; increased trust. There’s an implicit courtesy in acknowledging that the user has different device needs. The moment your website adopts this chivalrous approach, you’ll see a boost in interest and trust.

Beyond the immediate practical benefits of having a responsive design, there’s something of more value. In having this format, you’re demonstrating that your company keeps up with the times. With 91% of small business websites seeming to dig their heels into the ground and flatly refuse to adjust to responsive web design, your company would gain the competitive edge. Embrace that change, and your business will have credibility by the bucket load.

Whatever the size of your business, allowing your website to venture into responsive design can only maximise your reach. So take off those stabilisers, and let loose with the possibilities that this format holds.

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