How Live Chat can improve your customer service experience

News How Live Chat can improve your customer service experience

Did you know that the simple software tool of live website chat can transform the way you communicate with visitors to your website? How great would it be to know in real-time how your marketing campaigns are doing?

Live Chat software can be the answer.

Here are just a few top tips as to what live Chat can do for your business

1. Customer Convenience.

There is a large customer base (approximately 44% in a recent survey) who said that having their questions answered via a live chat agent during an e-commerce transaction, or when finding product information is a hugely important feature any website should offer.

Live Chat provides immediate access to the answer the customer needs to know, especially if it is not easily discoverable on a website, and this makes it the number one convenience tool you can use to help your web visitors.

2. Reduced Costs

Answering phone calls costs money. Anything that uses up your own time to deal with customer queries costs money. Live chat gives you the ability to handle customer enquiries in a convenient manner which gives the business owner more time to be doing their normal job without it being intrusive or too time consuming.

3. Increased Sales

The fact is, that Live Chat increases Sales on E-commerce. FACT. this has been proven time and again in different surveys across various business types. It has got to a point now where people almost expect an e-commerce website to be offering this kind of customer service driven facility

4. Beat the competition

if your competitors are not offering live chat yet, they will be soon. Any business that is consistently managing their analytics, looking at improving website conversion, will be looking at tools like live chat to increase business through their existing websites. Beat the rush and make sure that you’re offering it today and winning that business before customers start using the competition.

5. Build trust with your customer

The number one reason that customers use live chat on websites is to gain confidence that the product they are buying will address their particular issue, or pain point. This is why live chat in many cases is preferable to phone as there is a certain level of trust and confidence that can be gained by having something confirmed in writing before a purchase.

So live chat is great for your business but only if you follow this advice.

1. If you’re not at the computer 24/7 then ensure that live chat provides an answer message facility when you’re not, or can be disabled to avoid client disappointment.
2. Don’t be robotic. Talk naturally to your customers and make sure they know that you are a real person there to help them
3. Train your staff. Your office staff who will be dealing with these queries, ensure that they understand how it works and why customers will be using it online. Sales people are the ideal team for this.

What are you waiting for? Implement live chat today, using SO-Chat from SO Marketing which is less than £1 a day to provide some great benefits to your web visitors.

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