Great Photography Makes Great Marketing

Creative Great Photography Makes Great Marketing

We live in the age of the image; with selfies and a constant stream of photographs being shared on social media, images are everything. An image which speaks to the zeitgeist can potentially whip around the planet in one day and become a viral hit; entire brands are created in this way. Look at Grumpy Cat; it was nothing but a picture of a particularly miserable looking moggy but within weeks, that cat’s face had become a hugely famous symbol of people’s dissatisfaction with modern life and he’s now worth 60 million pounds and has a book deal. He’s appeared on multiple television shows, has his own fan club and is featured on a number of product packaging.

Images today are beyond powerful; choose the wrong one to advertise your product and you could suffer. Image-centric social media is ensuring that businesses are able to constantly engage with their customer base through strong, attractive and most importantly, shareable images.

Pinterest allows people to interact with images in a way that will bring traffic to their website; it enables businesses to attract the right sort of people to their photos and then to their sites, in a simple and user-friendly fashion. Fresh images of your products are vital if you want to keep your online presence live and kicking. If your business offers a service not a product, images are just as important; people still share, like and comment on images which affect them no matter what they’re affiliated to…as long as they engage.

Consider these statistics when thinking about photography and your business.
Articles with accompanying images get 94% more views
60% of consumers are more likely to contact a company when an image shows up in a local search
On Facebook the engagement rate for posts with photos is 37% higher than for posts with text only

High quality photography is vital in an age where people cannot handle a product; viewing something online is nothing like handling it in a shop and that’s why people need to see every corner and every angle of a product and they need to see it clearly before they will consider purchasing it.

Whether you’re sharing pictures of your products, your team or want to share images to accompany a newsletter, the quality needs to be excellent and it needs to ensure that people can relate it to what you’re offering.

In an age where much of what we do online is anonymous, that’s the last thing that business needs to be; images are what allow you to become “real” in the eyes of your fans, customers and followers. They’re what creates an emotional and in some cases, a physical response. Use them well, use them often but above all make sure you use them on a regular basis. Ideally your social media posts should contain images which will engage and which change on a daily basis. This ensures that the legions of consumers online have more chance of being directed to your site or to your social media pages.

Today’s marketplace is teeming with images…make yours stand out.

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