Google’s New Logo & Changing Web Design Trends

Creative Google’s New Logo & Changing Web Design Trends

Out with the Old

As many of you will have heard or noticed by now (it’s pretty hard not to when approximately 3.5 billion searches are performed on the network each day), Google have revolutionised their logo and branding, and, in true internet fashion, response has been, well, mixed.

Google’s new logo itself, pictured above, reflects a move that dovetails with current web design trends towards a more simplistic typeface. Gone is the old serif-heavy font, which harkened back to the days of Windows 98 and Microsoft Word 2003. In its place is the more rounded, overall less elaborate typeface that we see today plastered across our various devices and Google search sites. In the wider scheme of things, this represents a move towards the slightly more impactful, bolder style of web design, with a greater focus on minimalism and understatement, that we’ve seen rise over the past few years. The dropping of the serifs (which in case you’re wondering are those small lines and quiffs on typefaces such as Times New Roman), reflect a move away from a prestigious, refined brand image.

Lot’s More Mr Nice Guy
The rounder, softer font Google have opted for instead speaks to a much more informal brand image, one that they’ve tried to consolidate with various international digital marketing campaigns. The redesigned logo, however, doesn’t just ensure that the world’s most prolific search engine remains ahead of the curve; it also, Google stipulates, reflects a move towards a more universal image for their brand. Speaking on their official blog, Google remark that their previous branding was created to appeal to an international demographic using their search engine on desktop PC devices. Fast forward to 2015, however, and a stark increase in smart mobile devices has lead to more users than ever accessing Google through their tablets and hand-held technology. The new branding, Google say, makes for a more universal image that is equally at home sitting on your desk at work, or on the smart phone in your palm.

A “Bittersweet” Response    
As is naturally going to be the case, swathes of internet users have weighed in with their virtual two bit-coins on the whole affair, with interpretations ranging from “childish” through to “we love it”. Regardless of your personal preference, we’re pretty sure it’s not going to have too drastic effect on the search engine’s usage statistics. Personally we’re quite a fan of the new branding, and it’s more simplistic, universal design. More importantly, however, we want to know what you guys think of it? Why not let us know over at our social media?

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