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Google Analytics 4: THE CHANGE IS COMING

Technical Google Analytics 4: The change is coming

Google Analytics 4, or GA4 is set to replace Universal Analytics. The new version allows user journey tracking across platforms, and uses an event-based data model…

Launched in October 2020, Google Analytics 4 is now the default when you create a new analytics property— replacing the previous version, Universal Analytics. It’s based on the old App + Web property (released in 2019).

GA4 aims to address the ‘evolving measurement standards and help businesses succeed.’ With the flexibility to measure various data types, and across user journeys. GA4 suggests and highlights insights that can be used to make improvements. But most importantly Google Analytics 4 has been created to ‘keep up with the changing ecosystem.


When will the change happen?


Universal Analytics will cease processing traffic and data on 1st July 2023.

Yet, with the new Analytics 360 experience, any Universal Analytics 360 properties will have until 1st Oct 2023 before data stops being processed within UA.


Why the change from UA to GA4?


Universal Analytics was built to measure predominantly desktop-based usage, single sessions, and to view data from cookies easily. In comparison, GA4 works across platforms e.g. website & app. Whilst not relying on cookies, and uses an ‘event-based data model’.

But a much larger focus for GA4 is privacy and security for users. For example, now GA4 will not store IP addresses. This ensures users have a great experience and have their data and personal information protected. This version helps businesses to meet user needs and expectations, with much better controls for data collection and usage. Especially concerning users’ privacy and the control they have over their data sharing. But whilst GA4 protects users’ data and information, it fills in information gaps, allowing users to understand how websites are being used.


Benefits of Google Analytics 4


  • GA4 now provides the tools to track user journeys across multiple devices and platforms
  • Data is based on engagement rather than on users themselves
  • Create audiences for Google ads campaigns using insights
  • Improved privacy for users
  • Easier set up of goals and events
  • Ability to create more in-depth or complex reports
  • There are a range of parameters that can be added to events which explain more about individual events


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