Google AdWords: To PPC or Not To PPC

News Google AdWords: To PPC or Not To PPC

The Low Down on AdWords
To put it simply, Google AdWords is the definitive PPC (i.e. pay-per-click) advertising service, and it’s very much a “does what it says on the tin” form of digital marketing. For a budget that you determine, using bids that you specify, you can create adverts that show up when a user enters a specific search term that is relevant to your industry – pretty simple right?

Here’s a brief example to illustrate the point: Say you were setting up a web design agency in Leek (which we wouldn’t advise, we’ve heard there’s a pretty good one there already) you might use Google AdWords to increase your presence in the local area. We would create an advert designed to show up when users search for terms like “web design agency Leek”, or variations thereof, they’d hopefully click through to your website and hey presto, you’ve got web traffic. We simply set the maximum amount you’re willing to pay for a click, and Google enters your ad into an automatic auction to sort out whose ads get which position.

Small Businesses who think BIG
Because it’s so versatile in terms of budget and exposure, Google AdWords is a great digital marketing avenue for a range of businesses, from small start ups to global corporations. Whilst a lot of people still want to invest in achieving the highest positions naturally, there are a number of advantages to Google AdWords that shouldn’t be ignored.
PPC adverts are versatile by design, so they can change as your business changes. This means that if you’ve got a limited time offer on, your digital marketing agency can immediately update your AdWords Ads to incorporate this into your online presence. With PPC advertising, you’re also targeting people who are actively searching for your services, and thus further along in the conversion cycle. In comparison to SEO, Google AdWords can offer an immediate first page presence and thus quicker return on investment. Finally, the whole service is structured so that you can determine your own budget; regardless of whether you have £50 or £5,000 to spend on digital marketing, you can still have ads on the first page of Google.

SO Marketing & Cobalt Cat Media: A Winning Combination
Here at SO Marketing, we specialise in building innovative websites that get to the heart of our client’s brand image and company ethos – but what’s the point in a fancy website if there’s no one there to see it? That’s why we’ve recently formed a partnership with a professional, friendly digital marketing agency in Macclesfield that goes by the name of Cobalt Cat Media. From social media marketing through to SEO, what these guys don’t know about digital marketing isn’t really worth knowing, which is why we’re happy to refer our clients to them.

The unique thing about CCM, however, is that they’re accredited Google Partners. This basically means that the search engine deities over at Google recognise their expertise in the AdWords service, and offer them support in re-selling it on to clients. They currently run AdWords campaigns for a number of local, national and international organisations for a whole array of budgets, and have a proven track record of developing both traffic and ROI.

By forming this partnership, we’re able to offer all of our clients (both new and prospective) a complete digital marketing package in one consolidated place. Both SO Marketing and CCM strive to get to know your business and goals thoroughly before feeding this information into our tailored packages, thus making for a highly refined campaign that’s specific to your business. They understand your brand from the development process up, and thus are best placed to plan out and implement digital marketing strategies that work for your business.

If you think your website could do with an overhaul, or just concede that it’s time to embrace digital marketing better, get in touch with us today to find out more about the wealth of services we offer.

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