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Google Ads Transparency Policy Update

News Google Ads Transparency Policy Update

Have you heard? Google Ads will be introducing a ‘Transparency Policy Update’ in July this year! This new policy aims to provide users with enhanced visibility into advertising-related details. This could include the advertiser’s identity, locations, and the ads they have running during a specific timeframe.
The coverage of this new policy will apply to all advertisers on Google platforms. Meaning this will include Google Search and YouTube. Depending on the country a business is based in, additional information on the advertiser may be disclosed. This will ensure compliance with any relevant laws within that country. This additional information could include details on targetting, the total number of recipients for each ad, and the subject matter of the advertisement.

Google Ads Transparency and Ad Disclosure

Google wants to ensure that its users have confidence when using their services. In doing so, they are empowered to make informed decisions whilst using Google Search or YouTube, regarding the ads they see and interact with.

Verified advertisers

Google is currently in the process of verifying the identity of all advertisers. Meaning once the policy is introduced, they will be able to disclose the name of the advertiser and where they are located on ads served via Google Ads. However, this information will be available regardless of their verification status within the advertiser verification program.

How advertiser identification is verified

All advertisers on Google are verified through the advertiser verification programme. This includes both new and already existing Google Ads accounts. The completion of this requires the advertiser to submit official documentation that proves their legal name and address.

Why has Google decided to bring in this policy?

The main reason is to create trust across their platforms. Delivering a safe and relevant web experience for all its users, and providing transparency about who the advertiser is, and where they’re located.

What this means for advertisers

On all ads there will by clicking the 3 dots, users can see information on the advertiser as well as why they are being shown an ad on Search, YouTube and other Google services.
In the ad disclosure, users could be able to see the name and location which has been registered for the advertiser. This information is the information provided by the advertiser when verifying the business on Google Ads.

How ad disclosure will look across Google platforms

  • Search ads. On Google Search, users can click the 3 dots to the right of the ad. Whether on desktop, mobile or tablet. This will then display the advertiser verification information.
  • Display ads. Users can see additional information about an ad by clicking ‘About this ad’. This can be accessed through the ‘Ad choices’ icon, by clicking on the X or the icon+ X.
  • YouTube. Users again can click ‘About this ad’ by clicking on the info or the 3 dot icon.
From the ad disclosure, a user can click ‘See more ads by this advertiser’ which will direct them to the Advertiser Page. Here a user can see all the approved ads run by that advertiser over the past 30 days. This will enable users to learn more about an advertiser and more easily report an ad if they believe it violates any of Google’s policies.
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