Flash Sales & Marketing: Preparing for Cyber Monday

Culture Flash Sales & Marketing: Preparing for Cyber Monday

Sales Are Coming

Of recent years, the American tradition of Black Friday has slowly crept further and further into UK consumer culture, with estimated sales last year sitting at approximately £810 million. Now, if you’re anything like us, you probably prefer doing your Christmas shopping (and selling) from the comfort of a cosy office, and Black Friday to you means little more than funny videos being posted on YouTube of two shoppers in Asda fighting over a half price blender. The stark rise in online shopping, however, has given birth to a new cultural phenomenon that grows with each passing festive period; Cyber Monday.

As a term, Cyber Monday was only really introduced in the past couple of years, but with predictions indicating that online sales will vastly outpace retail figures this year, it’s something that ecommerce retailers need to tune into and capitalise on. In a highly competitive, and somewhat oversaturated, buyers market, you need to make sure your promotions are being seen by the right people, and in the spirit of ‘Christmas cheer’ and all that, we’re going to explain just how to make sure that happens.

One Does Not Simply Go Shopping

This Christmas period, you need to get a lot more proactive with your digital marketing strategy; through multiple channels including social media and email marketing, you need to connect with your consumers much earlier on in the conversion process. Running Google AdWords other PPC campaigns are an effective form of capturing traffic, but with behemoths like Amazon rolling out periodic offers across November, consumers are converting before they’ve even hit ‘Search’. Aggressive advertising campaigns such as this highlight the need for smaller ecommerce retailers to step up their individual marketing efforts.

Thanks to a wealth of profiling tools that allow you to refine audience groups by practically everything from age and gender to shoe size (don’t quote us on that), reaching your target audience on social media has never been easier. With over 1 billion active users across the globe, no matter how niche your industry is, it’s safe to say there’s an audience demographic out there for you. For a manageable fee that you decide upon, social media marketing allows you to display your adverts on the most relevant user’s Newsfeeds, all the whilst helping to build your brand credibility.

With approximately one third of all sales completed using mobile devices (a figure that’s also set to rise) email marketing is becoming an increasingly important part of retailers’ digital marketing strategies. Figures now suggest that the overwhelming majority of emails are accessed on an IOS or Android device, making innovative campaigns the perfect way to start targeting your consumers on the go. Whether you buy your data externally, or develop subscriptions through your social media, clever, well-designed email campaigns are a highly successful way of taking your marketing strategy to the consumer.

Brace Yourselves

Digitally, this is set to be the biggest festive period to date for the consumer product industry. With large brands already dominating the market, there’s no time to lose in getting active with your marketing strategy. Prepare for cyber Monday by developing your social media and email marketing strategies; get creative by connecting with your consumers – chat to SO Marketing today to learn more about your options.


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