Fight To End All Fights? Money vs Notorious

News Fight To End All Fights? Money vs Notorious

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A fight that needs no introduction, McGregor vs Mayweather. The best trash talkers and fighters in their fields facing off and we at the office are excited!


The guy has the charisma of Dwayne Johnson and unmatched fighting ability in his weight class. It’s rare that McGregor is an underdog but coming up against someone like Mayweather in his own back yard has got to stack the odds against McGregor regardless of his ability. However, it speaks volumes about just how capable Conor is of toppling Mayweather that he’s even got this fight in the first place.

Don’t be surprised if Conor does end Mayweather’s unbeaten streak because the fact of the matter is this fight wouldn’t be taking place if it was a forgone conclusion. We love this guy at the office and will be rooting for him to teach Mayweather a lesson come fight night.



It’s borderline irritating that this guy has never been beaten like his ego needs massaging anymore he also has the “unbeaten” title to his name. but no matter how you feel about Floyd “Money” Mayweather, there is no arguing that this guy is one of the greatest boxers to ever step in the ring.

Controversy has followed the guy around his whole career. From that cheap knockout against Ortiz that we highly recommend you check out if you haven’t before, or the boring showcase against Pacquiao. The bottom line however is the guy can fight and McGregor is going to have his hands full.

Our philosophy

So, you know the whole unstoppable force meets immovable object situation? Well, we’re going for unstoppable force meets untouchable object. Mayweather is fast and crafty but McGregor could knock out an Elephant. It’s a pretty popular opinion amongst the people interested in the fight that if McGregor can catch Mayweather right then its game over but if McGregor struggles to connect then Mayweather will take it on a decision.

The Truth

Anything could happen! McGregor is the pinnacle of unpredictability for all we know he is going to go in there and try and outbox Mayweather and with the age gap who knows if that could go in McGregor’s favour. Or alternatively, he’s going to go in there with no stance and completely disregard all the accepted rules of boxing and straight up try and kill Floyd, either way, we can’t wait.

The Press Conferences

These are pure gold, even if you don’t care about the fight you’ll want to watch this stuff it is fantastic. McGregor has been going at Floyd every way he can think off from a very explicit suit to fully fledged insults. “What are you doing with a school bag on stage? You can’t even read”, “Floyd is an old weak, B****” (we tried hard to find insults without the profanity but these guys really seem to hate each other). Seriously do yourself a favour and check them out, you won’t be disappointed.

Get involved

This is the beauty of these international scale events! We can all talk about them and share our opinions so make sure you let us know what you think is going to happen when these two titans clash! Get amongst the discussion on our Twitter as well here.

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