Do your employees champion your brand?

Podcast Do your employees champion your brand?

Hi everyone and welcome to this episode of so what’s up! In this episode we’re gonna be chatting about how to get your employees to champion your brand and with Katherine, Rebecca and Sam today… chatting about all things branding and employee engagement.


Hi everyone, and welcome to this episode of so what’s up this episode we’re gonna be chatting about how to get your employees to champion your brand
and with Katherine, Rebecca and Sam today, and we’re going to be chatting about all things branding and employee engagement. So I think this jumped off the back of the conversation that we were having around, just brands that we liked and how we’d like to work for them. And like you see it all the time when people like create, I guess, like, creative branded applications to try and work in the likes of like Jim shark or like pretty little thing. And I guess how do you then create a brand that is so engaging that your current employees love it, you also it helps you to attract talent that will also want to come and live and breathe your brand values. So Catherine, I hear that you wanted to get the CIO tattoo. Yeah.
I mean, obviously, I’ve been here since the very first day. I did wonder about having the logos tattooed, but I mean, we’ve had a few now, so not quite sure how big a tattoo that would be. I’d need to leave space for any further logos, wouldn’t I? Yeah, I don’t know. I mean, if anyone else is feeling the love, we could
all go together. I don’t like needles.
I guess I’m probably the only one that would be strange enough to do that. I got dead to have the Apple logo tattooed on me. So I did.
So an avid Apple brandings on the do so isn’t it where it’s like, we’ve spoken about this where like, it’s hard to sometimes, like, I guess, articulate why you feel like a certain affinity towards certain brands. And obviously, like, I know what brand strategy like there were ways of, I guess, creating those emotions and evoking them, like Jim shark, for example, leveraged like community marketing and they were one of the first to get like influencers to endorse them and create that button now they’ve grown into this massive brand and the owner of Jim shark wants to create a brand that will stand up in 100 years time, which I think is which I think is great. So he’s obviously got that sort of future vision and and captures a lot of people so I think when thinking about like creative applications, you always see them deliver to like the likes of you know, at the biggest names like rise at seven or GymShark or like pretty little thing, boohoo a sauce a lot of people want to do and issues. What is it about these big brands that make people like compelled to want to work for them?
Yes, but it’s more than just a logo, isn’t it? Definitely. You know, it’s not that’s not gonna draw someone in, although it’s a big part of it. There’s a whole big thing behind that.
I think in terms of like branding, your brand is your reputation. I hate it when people just think like their branding is just you know, like your colour palette, yellow fonts and stuff. It’s so much more demeans the entirety of like somebody else’s, I guess like career and the amount of effort that’s actually gone into it. And I think if we go off the basis of like your brand is what people say when you’re not in the room, which is Jeff Beezus. As actually, there’s all that quantifiable stuff. And it’s like your brand’s body language and its tone of voice and all of these things that like when you think ethics and all that kind of thing. Yeah. And like your morals, and then we’re talking about brands that employ hundreds and hundreds of people. So how do they get those hundreds and hundreds of people to live the brand?
I suppose not all of them do. Now, suppose you’ve got to work out? Why why the people that do do more than people that don’t don’t and then don’t hire the people that don’t Yeah, but then they might be the kind of people that would never be fully on board with anything. Just as a job they just turn up do what they need to do and leave again and don’t think anything more of it. Or you got other people that you know, eat sleep breathe, what they’re doing.
Yeah, I think but there’s something about these brands and we use rise at seven earlier is like a great example. They have people that a lot of their marketing actually they don’t really market themselves as an agency and the stuff they do is created by their actual team. So they have ridiculously engaged employees that are creating content for them the coming up with ideas or talking to people on LinkedIn and engaging within the building their personal brands. And ultimately it all comes back to getting more clients into horizon seven and it’s the same with Jim shark as well. Like they have like a on site gym and like it’s great and they get people to like create videos and stuff like I follow some people on YouTube that like work and the operations team and like their IT team and they’re always creating videos and creating content around what it’s like to work at GymShark I think things like that will help you attract the best talent, but also as well help you get people want to buy from your brand because they see how you treat people.
Yes. Certainly for me if you know they’ve got a bad precedent where but you know, they don’t treat their staff Well, or they don’t treat their customers well. And the whole package is just a bit. They just put you off.
Yeah, it’s like the BrewDog thing that came out recently. Yeah,
I think before that, sorry. Yeah, they would have been, like a really, like, held in high esteem of how people really want to work for that for that covenant. But now, since then, it’s kind of a bit of murky water now, based on what people have come out and said about about them. I’ve not heard Oh, I mean,
two months ago, was it this like, massive open letter came out? And yeah, it’s basically like, it’s a really toxic work culture. And I can’t remember the details of it. Yeah, just
corner like a lot of the things that they’ve said they’ve done in the past as well. And kind of like, on On first glance, you might think, oh, yeah, that’s really good. But as you delve down different sides, well, they did this, but not all of what the certificate, it’s worth it’s worth. It’s worth a look into. Because it was like a collective of employees that all got together to do it. So it’s not just like one.
Yeah, not just one disgruntled person. Yeah.
And then obviously, you don’t have to then address address what was sad as well. So I suppose
then, as a company grows, that kind of stuff can happen, can’t it without necessarily meaning it too? I mean, I don’t know obviously, what it’s about. But it could be something that just kind of spiralled out of control without intent. I don’t know. I’ve got that issue with everything.
Yeah, I think that’s where like, I guess a lot of it comes down to effective leadership and stuff. Because I feel like sometimes, and this is just from like, leaders that I’ve known and companies that I’ve worked for and out like the ones where I felt the most engaged were were like, the directors have kind of like open door policies and people to go and like talk to them, and they treat you like people in like, they actually make an effort to like, come and talk to you. And I remember, like, when I got my first bonus, when I worked in recruitment, like the managing director of while the associate director of the firm took me out for lunch. And like, my manager took me out for drinks. And everyone congratulated me and it was like, they really like they made me felt feel like they were really proud of me. And that was nice. And then another aspect of it was because I worked for a corporate recruitment firm, it was like one of the oldest ones pretty much in the world. And they had their own set processes. And I remember them saying to us one day, like, there were four graduate intakes that they took on, they were like, we feel like we’ve almost turned you into corporate robots, like you will talk in the same way now and you will, like, do stuff, whereas like we work in, in sales, and a big part of what they wanted in the recruitment process was to bring people in with big personalities, you know, like we’re engaging and could talk. And I remember, like, part of the recruitment process for that it was like a full day thing that like I had to go to, there was like over 2000 people that applied for like that graduate intake, and only four of us got it. And I got the job because my manager told me afterwards, because they made us do this task where you had to pick who you wanted to for our hot air balloon, and everyone else wanted to save Mother Teresa and I wanted to save Margaret Thatcher, obviously, in Leeds, that’s not what you choose. Because I was adamant that I was not throwing Margaret Thatcher out of the hot air balloon. And like people were attacking me personally and not like physically but like verbally saying that like I was a Tory and stuff and it was I just kind of laughed off and I was like no, Margaret Thatcher did more for the world than Mother Teresa did. Feel free to debate me on this. But like, they actively hired people for that big personalities and like their tenacity and like the way that they’d like try and stick up for what they fought and like their resilience levels. But then they bring them through this like intense for 13 week training. And by the end of it, we were completely different people we were like talking in corporate speak like the TIC TOCs that you see now using phrases like circling back to this and I’d never use that phrase before.
Yeah, I don’t know if it’s as I’ve got older that I can’t imagine wanting a job that much do that. When you know what now yeah.
$2,000 Shame. I’ve lost it before I’ve even started
a bit like a story. If you don’t want me then. You know, I haven’t got to do this.
I don’t know. I think it’s just one of those isn’t it’s a really competitive thing. And I think it’s your first job out of uni. It’s always like quite a big thing. And the normal thing is that you bend over backwards to get a job I think with graduate programmes like that, it was always going to be super intense because you’re working for a massive brand and their sales training genuinely was second to none. Like, I’m so glad that they put me through it. And it’s one of those where like they but for me, it was like they wanted these people with like these certain characteristics that would have made great sales people like the resiliency self determination is, but then their brand is super, super corporate. And I’m not being funny, like, I’m not the most corporate of people, like I have to remind myself not to swear. So. Yeah. And it’s, it’s just a mismatch of like personalities. And I think it’s where like, well, sometimes the personalities that you need for the role to be effective, aren’t actually what make your brand effective or like come across in your brand. It’s a difficult one. Yeah, it isn’t. I think with that one, I felt engaged because of the leadership that not because I believed in the brand or anything. In fact, the brand was so bland and dry, that I don’t like it when they have like their tagline and stuff. It was like, work happy or something like that. See, I can’t even remember it. So it was super great. But like, I was engaged, because we went to the Pope, both sides. And it was can see that it was fun. And like it was a young atmosphere. And it was like bouncy and vivacious. And like there was a sense of competition. And I love showing up to work every day and working the 14 hours that I had to work,
then that’s the thing that say in before that, looking at big brands that you’re a sauce per little thing. GymShark saying, oh, I want to work for them. But there may be looking at the recruitment place. You think it’s quite dry? It’s quite Yeah, corporates quite boring and actually get in there. And it’s just completely different. Whereas
it just depends on who you work. Yeah, doesn’t it? I love it. Yeah, I’ve worked with some awesome people in the past. But, you know, the job itself, I probably would have hated if it weren’t for the people. I think
that’s the so many different components and stuff as well. Like if you thinking of like us as a brand as well in like how to engage different people. We have web developers, like we’ve got people that work in marketing, we’ve got designers, we’ve got like people that work like Front of House admin. They all have different personality traits to suit their actual jobs. So how do you actually create a brand that encompasses all of those and people want to show up and like work for it every single day, and like myself and John have been doing a lot of work into this and how we want to position ourselves with the rebranding and stuff that we’re doing. And it’s been, it’s been challenging because you want everyone to feel a part of it, and you want everyone to like enjoy coming into work. And we’ve been looking at, like, the internal perks and stuff that we’ve been doing to, and it’s always
been one of my things that I’ve had jobs before now, you know, come to a Sunday night, and I’d be in tears because it just didn’t want to go to work on Monday.
And was that the brand or the place?
It’s the weirdest thing. You know, on paper, it was the perfect job. And I’d have had an awesome career there. And I still don’t know what it was, which is really bizarre. And I even I even still have dreams about it now. And it was years ago. But I would hate I would genuinely hate anyone to feel like that here. Yeah. So I would do anything I could to stop that. And I hope that people would mention it if they felt like that. But yeah, I don’t know how you would necessarily stop that with just the brand. I don’t know.
I think branding is one of those as well because it’s like a brand isn’t like a certain thing like if you mentioned like Jim shark, me Rebecca Sam and you would all think very different things. So like if we played like a quick word association game, which I’m not going to spring on you right, I might say like leggings, I might say like, I know sports bras, some might say like protein powder. And you might say like influencer marketing like something Yeah, is different and it all springs to mind. So therefore then logically, if every single person has a different perception of your brand in their head, they’ve essentially created like an illusion that they then want to go and work for in their head of a company that might not actually be true.
I think with brands as well there are so bad big and everyone knows him you’re a SAS and all that people already feel like they know them. They already feel that they’ve got a relationship with them. The follow on social media, they know what they’re doing. So they feel like they already know what it is that to work there. But as we all know, social media in the show the best bits. Yeah. And you already feel like yes, this is a place for me to work and I don’t want to work there but you don’t actually know until you step foot through the door.
Not at all. No.
I mean that’s why GymShark seems so appealing as well to so many because Ben Francis, the guy obviously owns it is such a forward facing out in the social spaces more more now say in recent years as well as the same like Steven Bartlett or whatever you see them as obviously the brand as well, even though it is isn’t like he’s hired people to be hired and him now so he’s he always considers themselves to be an employee just off GymShark roughly, yeah, yeah. Yeah, the director, whatever. Yeah, but obviously people buy into to him first. And then obviously, that’s an if you’ve got like an interest, say, obviously in gym wear, and sports and stuff like that, that will obviously always help. And then I think after that is when you start to see the job, obviously, for what it is then in, turn up to that job, and wanting to work out all the time. Is something a little bit different. To me.
Yeah, I think you’ve kind of like hit the nail on the head there, it’s almost like, I always had the thing where like, I’d say, to whoever, like I’m not choosing a company to work for. So I don’t have like a dream company to work for, like how some people do, I’ve always fought, I want to choose a boss to work for. And that way, then like that relationship that I have with whoever’s gonna be like managing me directly one, because I want to see if they actually can manage me.
I mean, that’s no mean feat.
But like, I want to, I can be quite like a challenging person, it’s not because I think it’s my way or the highway, it’s because I genuinely want to do the best or the most efficient thing. So I need someone that can manage me in that way. And I’ve chosen a boss that I thought I could work for really well in the past. And actually, that turned out to not be a great relationship, because they weren’t the type of person that could actually like take on feedback very well and would work with you to like resolve solutions, like they try and make you out to be the problem. And whereas like in other places they have, were actually like, I didn’t come here because I wanted like I chose James enrich to be the boss, I wanted to work here because like it was a step up. And then when I actually met them, and realised that actually, I’d be spending a lot of time with these guys. And they think in completely different ways. To me. That was when I thought actually, this could be interesting, can learn from that. Yeah. And then it’s weird the job that I’ve not chosen the boss and is the job that I’ve actually probably learnt and excelled in the most. And I think sometimes it’s like when people have these, like preconceived ideas, and you can be, you can be taught things like that at like, uni, I guess, like job fairs and stuff, like make sure you always like know what relationship you’re going to be having with AC periods and stuff that’s going to be your most integral part of you progressing on art. And actually, I don’t believe that’s true anymore. So sometimes I think people get these ideas in their heads, and then it’s not even like that.
No, it’s difficult as No, as a lot of you know, I didn’t go to university. So I missed out on certain things like that. But I
didn’t miss out on much the guidance was a bit shocked. You know, I
think that now when I’ve seen some people, and things that they say about it, I think you know what, you’d have been better off in the real world. Yeah. Because you’ve just hidden away for a bit longer. And, you know, obviously, if you’re going to be a surgeon or something, I’d quite like you to go to university. But, you know, there are certain things I just think well actually just go and do it. Yeah. And I know that’s a bit of a scary option. But I don’t know, I don’t know. Sometimes I just think it’s better, isn’t it? And then you learn more, don’t you like from other people and other people’s experiences and experiences you then have, rather than just being sat in front of a lecture from somebody who potentially hasn’t ever been in the real world themselves?
Yeah, you could say for years, watch a YouTube tutorial and and do open heart surgery be right?
I mean, I know.
I do forget to try that. I think I struggled to comment on stuff like this because I studied English literature, which isn’t like, I mean, let’s be honest, I did it because I enjoyed it. There was really no purpose to that degree. Like, if anything, it taught me to think in a conceptual way. And I think that’s probably one of the reasons why I do think differently to a lot of people that have probably studied something that is so like, linear, like, marketing, for example, like me and you, Rebecca we think completely differently. And that’s why we work super well as a team. And it’s, I think me being able to learn to think in that way has probably helped me more than any other guidance I got from university. And whereas like I guess you actually got taught like marketing theory, and I don’t know I’ve never not studied Marketing at uni, so I wouldn’t even know if that would be useful.
Yeah, it was my degree He’s really good. But then I chose to sandwich here because it’s all well and good knowing this stuff. But how do I do this stuff? Yeah, you can know everything behind it. But then you get into a job and someone says do this and yada, yada, how I can tell you why. At different Yeah. So going out into the company and working there for a year whilst I was at uni, and actually realising that this is what my job could be, I don’t like doing that. And I really loved doing that was really, really helpful. And then in my third year, I went back and you could tell the difference. I’m saying you need experience, but you could tell the difference between people who do replacement and people who have not that different way of thinking of like, is this actually doable? Or can I do that or what I’m able to do in the real world? Yeah, because in uni, there’s no budget, exact time scale. There’s no, no. No. So it was good. But the experience definitely, definitely helped.
I think with that, then do you think sometimes that these people that create these like, amazing like jobs, like these job, I guess, applications for the brand’s where it’s like, No, the only thing I can think of is because this is what I would do. If I ever wanted to work at Fortnum. And Mason, I’d create a hamper for them with like, my CV details on there. So use that as an example. Yeah. Like, do you think those people have ever actually got any practical experience? Or do you think they’re the type of people where it’s like, actually, they’ve created this illusion of work. And I think a lot of the time when you are really super interested in something, you almost do create this kind of like, illusion of like the perfect job or like that sort of thing live not quite tasted the real world.
Maybe. I mean, I think it’s really important to have to show that creative Saturday, because I think I’ve seen some of them rise at seven. Oh, my word. Yeah, given the time that has gone into creating that is amazing. But I think people tend to not really talk about the mundane, rather, yeah, shall we say, vanilla jobs every day just to get your job done?
Like how much of our job is admin at the moment? Yeah.
Sit and just tie schedule. Next one, bought? All of that comes together? And you do you get the end result? But there are some steps. I think sometimes people aren’t aware of the thing. Yeah, they’re making these big companies, everything that we created around a massive table, like something you see on a film Oh, yeah, it’s always gonna be fun by there’s a lot in your job. Sometimes it’s just
sometimes it is just a job that you can’t get through.
Yeah, it’s like the idea of working for Formula One sounds really interesting. But our formula one guy wants a web developer in Dubai, in three weeks time, I’m gonna say no. See,
I think it’s something that like, obviously, with the brand and everything, coming back to that we, I worked in companies before where like, they put their brand values, and then you’ve been kind of like, marked on how you do them. And like I can remember, I think this just gives an insight into my personality more than anything. One company I worked at their brand value was trusted. They wanted you to be like a trusted person. So for other people to trust you. And my argument was, I cannot control if other people trust me, I can be trustworthy, but I can’t control the time trusted.
You know, you don’t know that person, what they think about things or their previous interactions with other people and what went wrong, or whatever it might be. You might look like someone who they can’t trust. Nothing to do with
your experience, you’re much more likely to be robots and since a trustee
Yeah. And I think like that was my whole thing. And it was like in my, in my review, like they would say like I always scored really high on it. It’s not like that I ever was like, Chelsea is a dishonest person. If anything, it is the opposite to a frightening degree. But yeah, it’s my argument was I cannot control that. So how can you mock me on something that’s not in my control? And I’m so glad that you guys agree with me. Yeah, it’s true. But anyway, to basically create a point like It’s like things like that were like you’re almost marked in your appraisals on like, random words that just like aren’t in your control, I think does branding a disservice. Whereas like, with
this, isn’t it really Yeah, a
little bit pointless, very infuriating. Well, I wanted to try and do with John was like when we did this because I do think, I guess creating like a framework of like desirable traits that you’d like people to showcase externally to the world. We wanted people to like actually Learn how to put them into action. So we have like the, the words like courage or lead or unite, but we’ve like tried to, I guess, extrapolate on them a little bit and say like, for example, unite, like no one is bigger than the team, like we all walk in, we all do what needs to be done. And we stay together as a collective. And no one is better than anybody else. So for example, like, I know John, who’s like creative director, and has the same level of autonomy as Tiago who’s like, the web support apprentice, because we all work as a cohesive ecosystem. And then like, the, the lead, it’s like, you were, you can’t like take ownership over, over like the, I guess the, the positive, if you’re not willing to take ownership of like, the negative as well, like, you have to own everything that you do. And if you were, if you spot a problem, we all jump in and solve it. And it’s like creating, like, I guess, like actionable things for people in the brand instead of just like, really woolly. I know things like, let’s hope people trust me. Like, that’s, I think that’s where sometimes branding can come down. I think when I went to Alton Towers, we had one where it was like, we do it all for the love of fun. And like immune, I guess, like I get appraised on like, how fun you make things. And whereas like, actually, I went to my team to be efficient, but also as well, like, you have to like make work fun for them. So we’d come up with like fun incentives and stuff. And
there are certain things you just can never make fun, surely. Yeah, like I assumed
that all day was a challenge. But like, it’s one of those I guess where it’s like, we’re branding, like, how do you actually engage people? And it’s like, we see it now with like clients and stuff that we have, like, some teams are super engaged, and they can’t let you cannot stop them from sending you content on a weekly basis.
It’s, it makes your job so much easier when you’ve got people who are really passionate and engaged in the industry, because I find it difficult a lot of the time creating content, and I’m not in that industry and don’t know what’s going on
not your area of expertise is there, isn’t it? Yeah,
I can I can find out stuff. It’ll just take me a little bit longer. But they’ve already got the knowledge. So when clients send us stuff in their employees, the wider team senders blogs, or even articles on just a topic, it makes it so much easier. And you can tell that they’re passionate about something you might say to us, this is really time sensitive, or this is happening right now. And you think right, okay, I can get it done now then. Because is that enthusiasm coming from them?
Yes, like infuse Yeah, some like positivity, but also the sense as well, that they are, they’re building that brand. And they’re a part of building that brand. And like they want to have fun with it. So for example, like, we do the content for a legal firm, and one of the guys there rim centres, like a quite a dry article to be fair, and then he was like, actually, let’s make it a little bit more fun. And like call it Santa is naughty and nice list. And like, it’s, it’s great, because it’s like, one you get, like the level of fun with it, it makes like something that’s actually just like a legal news article a little bit more fun. Yeah. And then, too, it’s like, actually, that person really gets marketing, like, they want to have fun with it. And they want to work with us. And they’re actually using it as how I wanted these services to be designed like as an extension of their team. And it’s nice. It’s like other clients that we have as well. Like, they come to us for like suggestions. And we’ll always like be there to bounce ideas around with them. Because while like Rebecca said, we’re not experts in their industry. We’re experts in getting your industry seen. Yeah, exactly. And it’s just a different skill set that like not everyone needs to employ in house. And it’s nice when we almost feel like we’re a part of like our brand, but we’re also building like these other brands up. Yeah. Whereas like you compare that to other people that like, just don’t get marketing and like trying to draw like any sort of like creative idea from the water, trying to even action, any marketing is difficult. And it’s time consuming. And then it’s like not a fun experience for everyone all around. And it’s like, you’re almost like in my head. I don’t I don’t know how to explain this. But like, whenever I see a brand, I just see how much potential a brand could have. If like we apply, you know, like the frameworks of like good content, marketing, great social media, marketing, good PR, good digital infrastructure, and then go into the actual business and like what are the processes for this? What are the like, what’s the team setup? What’s the culture like? And I think that’s one word that actually we probably We should have mentioned a lot sooner in this culture and branding is just super important. And they go together hand in hand. And you can tell walking into a company, which ones have good cultures and which ones don’t just by how engaged they actually are in the marketing.
Yeah, I think if you go in and everyone looks half dead, and like, they just clock watching, and they can’t wait to just leave, and they’re just thinking about the weekend. That’s, that’s not a great sign, is it? I mean, I know we all have days, like, that’s not you know, I’m not stupid. I know that. But, you know, you want somebody that actually has an interest in you in what they’re doing and a passion for the brand.
Yeah. And I think that’s the thing, like you can have people that are passionate about jobs. And I think what we were talking about earlier, but it’s like, what makes this person want to work for this specific brand? Because you could go and get that job anywhere else. It’s like how many marketing agencies are there in Stoke, quite literally in a 20 mile radius? Let’s go with should probably look. Yeah, exactly. Yeah, but let’s see this fifth, yeah. Why do Why do you want to be a marketing exec here? Why do you want to be a web developer here? Because we like, maybe you don’t? Maybe another day, is like I do. So when he’s like the marketing manager and like the Brand Champion here. I want people that are invested in the brand. Because that way, then it makes a company much more easier to market and engage people externally. If the internal people are actually engaged, they feel like they’re a part of the brand. And
I think, for me, as well, it’s feeling part of the team as well. Yeah. I think if you don’t feel part of the team, that doesn’t help. Yeah. So I do think that’s an important thing.
So the culture and Brandon, isn’t it go hand in hand? Yeah, I think sometimes, like, because you talk about like having like these visionary brands and like, so Jim shark, Ben Francis is almost like a visionary leader. He’s thinking about 100 years from now, he puts the brand before himself, like when he stepped down as CEO, and got someone else to do that role, because he didn’t feel like he could do it to the best of his ability. That’s great leadership, yeah,
also inspires people as well to get to do their part and making that. So obviously, that’s an end goal, you would say and say in 100 years time, especially speaking in the present day, but obviously people you know, inspire people who already work there, who wants it and play their part in making that journey possible as
well be part of the history of Yeah,
yeah, I think it’s, I love heritage brands, like they’re probably my favourite type of brands to work with, like, give me a heritage brand over a startup anyway, any day,
just ah, would you? Would it be to be classed as heritage?
I probably go anything over 50 years, got a way to go. But also, but to be fair, actually, in our industry, when I guess I do know, the exact figures on this most marketing or digital marketing agencies, you don’t get many that are over six years old, man. So actually, we’ve probably be technically classed as a digital heritage brand, like but I’m talking about ones that have been around and like been, yeah, I guess, like they’ve seen a lot. And like they’ve had to go through like all of the digital transformation. They usually have, like, I guess, that mix of like, old fashioned values, and, like, bought a new wave of like delivering business. And it’s just interesting to me, because it’s like history meets like present day and innovation. And I love history. And how then do you, I guess, keep the keep the essence of that brand? Yeah, but attract people now in the modern way of life. And it’s just fascinating. Do you actually have the answer?
It’s just always changing, isn’t it? That’s the thing. Yeah. And to have a business, like I say, a heritage business has managed to survive all the different things. You know, different times different, you know, even wars things, you know? Yeah. All sorts of things. Obviously. Now the play goes well. Yeah, it’s quite fascinating to be fair
thing, like looking back over like some of my favourite brands, like obviously, like, whatever Mason says up there. I see the royal family as a brand, though. So like, probably one of my favourites. If I’m being completely honest, and just share anything like that. And then you’ve got like, the new way forms coming through. But there are, I guess, a hark back to that old fashioned brand, like Cambridge Satchel. That’s not actually that old. And no, it’s not. They just make them in the old way. Or at least they did when they first started
coming out the same age as us around about Yeah. And
I guess things like that, really. But it’s just some brands speak to people’s emotions in different ways. Yeah, definitely. So I think in terms of then employee engagement and branding We actually have answers for you, we
just got off on a few tangents
is what actually works for your brand new one because every single brand is different. And I think to sum it up, recruitment process is incredibly important and actually knowing what your brand stands for and what you actually want to achieve with your brand and then recruiting the right people with the right skill set, but also the right attitude that will live those brand values for you. And to be fair, there’s not really much more to it than that just having the right people that believe in the same cause and the same vision issue and then x I guess, explaining that brand in a way to others externally so you can attract the people that you actually want to and we can over complicate it, but really, in essence, great recruitment knowing your brand having really good communication when you’re actually communicating your brand to other people both internally and externally and always leading with that why you want to do it
and if you’re not going to get it tattooed, then you’re not serious enough
well, we’ll keep you updated with house so as montage is going
to start something
but now maybe what we should do is we’ll get all of the logos of clients so we have oh next is 80,000
Maybe not now
you’re more than welcome so if you if you don’t
mind needles that was more of a we as in like the royal we is in Rebecca world.
can get some of the 71 just put on with that water.
Yeah, and that way that if you ever leave then we can take
it from when customers come in, isn’t it they come in and we’ve all got attached to it.
But yeah, if you have any questions around how to engage your employees or to create a plan, a brand that will engage people and want them to come work for you. We were full, we’re full of ideas. So just get in touch with us at Hello at so

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