Digital Trend Predictions for 2020

Creative Digital Trend Predictions for 2020

Happy new year from the SO Marketing team! We’ve been working on so many projects that are launching this year, it seems our headspace has been in this decade for some time. And so, it’s extremely exciting to be finally here with new websites and marketing campaigns going live in the next couple of months.

We have now been established for 15 years, and we are proud of our efficient and technologically skilled team ensuring our clients go forth into this new decade with fresh ideas, new ways to push their business forward and constantly pushing boundaries with their business. As an agency we have chosen to use only the tried and tested, forward-thinking web platforms such as WordPress. This platform in particular is where we will be focusing our skills and development throughout 2020, meaning you’re getting a software expert with crafted and dedicated proficiency in one area, rather than a small amount of knowledge for all.

That’s why, in 2020, we aim to be one of the most forward-thinking agencies giving our clients the best in digital marketing by both utilising and setting trends that are coming into play.

One of the great areas that technology allows us to craft successful marketing and branding campaigns is the ability for hyper-targeting. This means that campaigns and brands can be directed perfectly towards their chosen audience. So whether you are looking for clients with disposable income, two cars and they enjoy a round of golf at the weekend, or you’re looking for a female consumer with two children and enjoys weekend spa breaks… You can design your dream client, target them, and let your marketing bring them to your door.

But not only that, you can be incredibly personalised with your digital marketing in 2020. Consumers respect and react to personalised, tailored messaging, and can even feel frustrated if the content they are seeing isn’t tailored to them. In 2020, we will see a huge increase in brands using hyper-personalisation in their messaging, moving towards fully personalised websites coming to the forefront in 2021.

Once again, as social media continues to be a huge part of our every day personal lives, it’s becoming even more important to engage with it for business. There’s no hiding it any longer! If you’re in business, you should be getting social. One of the most exciting, engaging and creative ways to promote your business through social media in 2020 is to work with influencers. Consumers are beginning to relate to social media names (big and small) as friends, confidants and people to trust. So if they talk about, recommend and love your brand, so will their followers. Research is key here. Research both local and industry-related social media accounts to ensure you’re choosing to work with influencers that will deliver results.

But it’s not all about those social media stars! YOU can be the star of the show in 2020 when you embrace the power of social media into the next level. The way to do THAT is video. Consumers tend to trust and respect the expertise of businesses they can relate to, put a face to a name and understand on a deeper level. From smaller how-to videos to larger, high production promotional films, when your business uses video you can boost SEO, engagement and brand recognition online.

All in all, 2020 will be about responsiveness.

To grow your business, your brand and your market share, you need to ensure your products, services and marketing strategies are developed and distributed to meet the changing consumers’ needs. You need fast-acting forward-thinking solutions, and you need a reliable, respectable and creative agency to get you there.

We may have been around since 2005, but over the last 15 years our team has developed, grown and organically formulated a creative approach to digital marketing that means we can work together with our clients to meet the needs of both them, and their consumers.

SO, let’s embrace this fast-paced world, encourage this digital growth and bring our brands to the forefront of the consumer with gusto!


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