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In this episode, Chelsea and Richard discuss how to get yourself out there in the digital world and the best digital marketing tactics to help you connect with your audience.


In this episode, we’re going to be talking about digital marketing and the best way to get yourself out there.
So digital marketing, how do you get yourself out there, Chelsea?
That’s a, that’s a loaded question. There’s a lot of ways to get yourself out there in the digital world. But I’d say the the crux of it is, you need a good website with a great user experience. And that is effectively like that’s the house of all your information on the internet. By great user experience, I mean, fast loading, really good content on there that’s useful for people, people can find what they need to find really easily. So I’d say that’s step number one, really, so making sure that your website is really useful for the people that you’re trying to serve your business. And it’s built really well.
So you’ve completed phase one, you’ve got your brand new website is live, and it’s ready to go. It’s all been tested is, is working really quick on our server, we tend to call it as an agency, phase two, and this is the phase two. So now what we don’t just leave it there to float about, where are we talking SEO and pay per click next?
Yeah, so SEO and pay per click, they’re really, really, really good for awareness, and picking people up as they search for things. So you’re essentially setting your SEO up, and you pay per click to get those people as they are searching for things. So for example, if you are, if you’re looking to rent a bouncy castle for someone’s birthday, and you’re searching into Google, like bouncy castle rentals, that’s the SEO. So the website that you’d have would need to be geared up towards helping people to find what it is that you’re offering. And pay per click is helping people to find more seasonal products. So for example, in the summer, you might also throwing gazebos in there or a barbecue rental. And in the winter, you might do inflatable hot tub rentals. So you might not want to build a long term SEO strategy around those additional add ons. But during those during those seasonal months pay per click could really help you with those.
Yeah, it’s a lot more dynamic. Yeah, definitely, more often react to the data that is being recorded. And then yeah, obviously, the SEO is your overarching strategy that should always be
done. Yeah, definitely. So SEO is who you are. And that’s never going to change and pay per click is. I know what what trends you’re reacting to at the moment, that’s gonna bring in some some quick revenue streams, I’d say,
okay, okay, bro. So the other one we’ve discussed briefly earlier, content marketing, what is content marketing? Is that is that just a blog?
No, it’s a it’s definitely just a blog. So content marketing. Content is at the heart of everything that you do online. Content shall be informative, engaging, valuable to people. And it’s, it’s not just a blog. Recently, we’re seeing more people listening to podcasts. So this podcast is literally a form of content and videos to that’s content. However, people consume information. That is what content is. Content marketing is really, really good for engaging people about your product. And it helps with your SEO strategy as well. Really, really good ads as well. So paid ads are now utilising interesting graphics. So they’re going into a more content marketing approach to just giving people information about the products that you use and making them interested so that they keep coming back for more.
Okay, I suppose that leads on social media, in a way caught using that content and putting it onto social media.
Yeah, so social media. There’s so many different platforms now, for so many different types of audiences. But essentially, social medias are just platforms that people use to come together and form communities based around their interests. So for example, if you if you really, if you’re really interested in horse riding, you can join groups on Facebook, you can follow keyword like can follow hashtags on Instagram and see photos of people’s horse riding. You can do you can follow different horse riders and lists on Twitter and watch people horse riding on Tik Tok. So yeah, it’s it’s a really, really good way to get people together and just form a community based around interests and brands are tapping into this now because they’re starting to look at what people are doing on social media and what they’re talking about and reacting to those so they producing content that fits in with cultural trends, which is really interesting. And something that marketing hasn’t really been able to do before, before social media, because they’d have to go away and get that traditional datasets from large organisations. But now, with social media, it’s like their consumer base is an open book, and they can actually open up the platform and have direct conversations with them. So you can we joke about it quite a lot about how people are sending complaints on Twitter. But that feedback to businesses is invaluable, because they’re getting direct feedback straightaway. And they’re really getting to know their customers pain points. So I think social media is part of a really, really good strategy for any brand that just cares about their customers and wants to really infiltrate themselves into their customers lives.
Yeah, we think it’s great. We’ve got quite a few customers now. And I know that communities on social media have vast and to get that many engaged people through any other data platform. It’s just really tricky. And that’s the that’s that that’s how they evolved. They listened to the community and then they know what they want to buy and when they want to buy social listening in a way, we’ve discussed SEO pay per click Content marketing as a better social media. They all fit together, I see them all working in tandem to form a campaign or just as a business. These are things that we do day to day, email marketing. On the other hand, we find some clients quite sporadic, the odd newsletters, some clients once a year, some clients quite often and then your ecommerce customers, for example. They they’re doing really intelligent email marketing, whether websites automatically emailing customers, we’ve remarketing campaigns and things so so yeah, tell us a bit about why you think email marketing is going.
So email marketing, I’d say is one of my favourite ways to engage already bought in customers, maybe they bought from you before and me keeping them updated with if you’re an E commerce company, the latest deals if you’re a service based industry, what updates are going on in your area that people need to know about? So we’ll talk about GDPR, because that was a big one. But how many people actually knew what those four letters meant, and they were relying on the agencies that we’re giving them the information to send out emails to keep them up to date. And it’s just a really effective way to provide people who maybe they may be lapsed clients, or maybe people that you talk to quite frequently, but with just with some information so that they can get the information that they need to make a success of their own business.
Brilliant. Thanks, Chelsea. So in regards to in regards to digital marketing, getting yourself out there, there’s quite it seems quite vast. There’s quite a few areas you can focus on and it’s definitely phase two, as we say as an agency. It’s a it’s an area that requires a lot of focus. If you as a as a listener today if you’re looking for a well rounded strategy to my so Mark said no drop us an email at hello so

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