Digital Marketing for Summer Success

Culture Digital Marketing for Summer Success

If you’ve been following us on social media for a while now (and who doesn’t, we’re basically the Kardashians of web design?) you’ll see that we recently published an article on why the ‘dryer’ summer period might be the perfect time for a new website or a branding rethink. But what if you’re happy with your existing platform, or you’ve only just invested in a new one? How can you continue to reach and engage with your consumers when your industry is going through a dry spell? Perhaps it’s time for a reshuffle of your digital marketing strategy.

Competitive Streak

Generally speaking, the summer holidays tend to instigate a bit of a decline in a whole range of B2B and B2C markets, from the services industry through to fashion and high street retail. Faced with this slump, brands normally take one of two strategies when it comes to digital marketing; preserve budget and re-invest later or invest more in the hope of securing more valuable conversions. This leaves a space for smaller brands – the SMEs, local tradesman and crafts specialists – to get proactive about their digital marketing strategy, and start carving out their niche in the industry.

Perhaps it’s time to start developing a community around your brand on social networks like Twitter, Facebook & Instagram, reaching out and forging new relationships with potential customers to secure their conversions early. Maybe it’s the perfect opportunity to increase your presence on Google, either through Paid Search options like Text Ads or even Shopping listings? Or perhaps it’s high time to dust off that contact list and hit up your old subscribers with some tailored email marketing campaigns (we’re experts in all of these areas, by the way).

‘Tis the Season for… Hang on, what?

If you’re consumers don’t seem to be converting, or your browsers just aren’t buying, it could also be time to consider the seasonality of your products and services. We get that you’re still trying to run off those last few pounds from Christmas 2015, so you probably don’t need to be thinking about it now, but getting proactive about your Autumn / Winter marketing campaigns is a great way to get ahead in the market. Businesses, specifically in the retail or ecommerce sector, need to be thinking about changes in trends for the upcoming fall period, and start educating their consumers accordingly. You know what they say, “failure to prepare” and all that – so perhaps now is the time to start making sure your products make it into people’s shopping carts this fall, either through better copywriting, or even some stylish product photography.

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