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Creative Design Trends of 2015 | SO Marketing

Having a recognisable company logo isn’t enough anymore, and as we head into 2015, you’re going to need more than matching colour schemes to make sure your brand stands out amongst your competitors.

Regardless of whether you’re a local business, or an international digital marketing agency, the fact is that your brand image is of paramount importance, which is why such a growing emphasis is placed on sleek and attractive graphic and website design. Having a recognisable company logo isn’t enough anymore, and as we head into 2015, you’re going to need more than matching colour schemes to make sure your brand stands out amongst your competitors. The following blog article looks at the design trends of 2015, exploring what stylistic features we think will be popular over the course of this year, and making sure your website and accompanying print materials get the recognition they deserve.

Simple Pleasures
As we move out of 2014, the websites that really stick with us are the ones which made use of simple, understated layouts that prioritised key information such as services and pricing over vast, impenetrable stretches of copy. Simplicity is set to be one of the most popular design trends of 2015, and anyone calling themselves a professional web design company should aspire towards it, prioritising user experience over keyword cramming and pointless content. We should also see a move towards websites offering more individual pages that are directly relevant to what we are searching for, creating the impression of a more personalised user experience. This means that web pages in general will be shorter in design, and sites will benefit from well-structured, tiered layouts that are easy for users to navigate. Consequently, websites will also offer greater usability to mobile users, enabling them to reach the relevant page and content as quickly as possible.

It’s No Longer a Black & White Matter
With the advent of Flash Player and Java Script, the web design industry went through a phase of using overly-complicated and often downright irritating animations to draw attention to certain images or words. In recent years however this has given way to sharp and clear imagery, reflecting a wider move towards simplicity in contemporary website construction. This move extends to colour schemes and palettes, with a lot of companies opting for subtle designs focusing on multiple shades of a few solid primary or secondary colours. It looks as though this aesthetic will form one of the most fashionable design trends of 2015, with most web developers opting for block shapes and solid colours as the central pillars of their designs. We also predict that techniques like hover over and rollover images, as well as scrolling banners, will continue to be popular, in an attempt to complete this sparse, un-clustered look.

Top Typography
Impressive web design is nothing without good content, but everything from page titles to product descriptions need to be properly formatted in order make sure audiences remain interested in what you have to say. When it comes to the design trends of 2015, uniformity is set to be the name of the game; developers need to let great content speak for itself, without complicating the message with a variety of fonts and typefaces. Opting for one or two fonts is the best way to ensure synergy and clarity when you’re trying to convey your brand’s message, both online and in print media.

As we head into 2015, it’s imperative to offer users a comfortable experience, which must be reflected in your site’s design and structure. Last year’s trends tell us that simplicity and subtlety is the key to this; opting for an un-complicated, elegant website design will allow your services or products to speak for themselves, thus engaging your audiences and encouraging them to read on.

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