How to avoid the 'too many cooks' saying when it comes to website design

Design by Committee: How to avoid the ‘too many cooks’ saying when it comes to website design

Creative Design by Committee: How to avoid the ‘too many cooks’ saying when it comes to website design

We’re all familiar with the saying ‘too many cooks spoils the broth’, but this can apply to just about anything – especially regarding website design, and development.

Over the past 17 years, here at SO Marketing, we’ve worked with hundreds and thousands of clients. And each one is unique. They have a unique business, a unique team, and unique requirements for the services we provide. However, over the years, one thing we strongly advise our clients on is not having ‘too many cooks’. Not in the literal sense, but rather, not having too many people involved in the design stages of a website…

But why you ask…


The initial brief


When we engage with a client, we always have a ‘kick-off’ meeting. In this, we’ll discuss getting to know a client and their business. How they work, what their goals are, and what they need our support with. From this, we’ll create an initial brief that forms the basis of the whole project. And this process can be made much quicker when clients bring some vital information to the first meeting.

But this initial brief is key to us starting the project. It gives our designers all the information they need to start planning and creating your new website’s look and feel. We base our first draft design on the information provided.

It’s important that this is, yes, collaborated on internally, but defined and clear when it reaches the SO team. As additional opinions, and changes will only add time to your projected project finish date.


Admin time is so boring


Every job has its admin tasks, which is totally fine, but at SO our team is passionate about what they do. Whilst we pride ourselves on prompt and clear communication with every single client, sending emails isn’t what we’re passionate about (unless it’s an email marketing campaign, but that’s another topic).

We love & appreciate clients who discuss amends, suggestions, and opinions internally and collate this into a singular clear email. Not only does this cut down on our designer’s and developer’s valuable time for admin tasks, but it gives our team all the information in one place. This means they can spend less time emailing you, and more time being awesome at what they do for your project.


Getting your project finished on time


A pretty practical reason for having 1 point of contact for your project is that people are busy, have lives, and have holidays. Within every business, employees are off, or out of business at various times and days. Having a dedicated point of contact within your business, who works full time, means the SO team can efficiently communicate with your business, no matter the day of the week. This can significantly help to keep website design projects on track for the projected completion date.


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