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We’re hiring – do you have what it takes to be our new Customer Service / Office Administration Assistant

As you might know from following our social media, or some healthy pre-interview cramming, SO Marketing have recently moved to a new and exciting home over in Leek following an exciting period of growth for the company (we’ve been getting our five-a-day you see).

The thing is, it’s been a bit chaotic around here with all the changes, and as you might imagine, us creatives aren’t the most organised bunch at times! That’s why we’re looking for a Customer Service / Office Administration Assistant to do all the normal things like check we’ve not got odd socks on, make sure our labels aren’t sticking out and maybe file some files or make some calls here and there. Sound good so far?

A lively bunch that thinks BIG

Here at SO we’re pretty lucky in that we really enjoy what we do, which is probably why our clients love our work so much (or so they tell us, anyway). We specialise in offering branding, print and web design solutions to a range of clients that currently includes regional, national and international organisations. The problem is we’re basically like a dog chasing cars; we’re always after that exciting new project or prospective client, and we need someone [insert your name here] to help us make sure the wheels keep turning and make sure that everyone, staff and customers are all looked after. 

Could you be the droid we’re looking for? (Droids preferable, humans accepted)

So you’ve heard all you need to about us, what do we need from you? As we continue to develop new leads, we’re going to need someone who can keep us organised, act as a front for the company to both existing and potential clients, and generally keep the SO machine well oiled… you could think of it like our own personal SIRI.

  • Computer literate – Don’t worry, we’re not looking for the next Bill Gates; just the basics will do. Our ideal candidate will have a working knowledge of Microsoft office programmes such as Word and Excel, and preferably possess a technical awareness of email software, the internet and a general grasp of how websites work.
  • People skills – We’re not really sure what ‘people skills’ actually are, but we wanted to try our hand at a grown-up, serious job advert. Basically we’re looking for a human (non-negotiable) who interacts well with other humans. You get on well with a diverse range of people from different backgrounds, and are confidently able to deal with enquiries, comments and complaints, over the phone, via email and in person.
  • Organised – If you’re one of those people that’s always early for everything, sets themselves a safe 10 minutes extra to get places on time, and is consistently the first of their friends to RSVP to events on Facebook, we want to hear from you. The next few months will probably get a bit hairy, and we need someone who is flexible and able to cope under pressure to make sure our customer service doesn’t flump. Ability to handle various jobs at once and multitask effectively is preferable, and will be tested via a range of suitably embarrassing activities during the interview. (Just kidding, but if you can juggle and ride a unicycle at the same time, we’d love to see it).
  • Reliable – If you say you’re going to do it, then you do it, without having to be asked twice. That’s the kind of person who fits in really well around these parts and helps to make the team run smoothly!

Your mission, should you choose to accept it.

Each member of our team has their own little part to play, and this role is no different. Amongst copious amounts of hot drink production (as part of a team effort), and generally providing support to the various tentacles of SO Marketing, your responsibilities will include the following.

  • Customer Service Inbound – As busy members of the production, sales and management teams, we need you to have our back when it comes to customer correspondence. This includes keeping an eye on all client projects, chasing clients to keep projects running smoothly, handling inbound enquiries.
  • Customer Service Outbound – As well as tending to the needs of these who call us, occasionally we’ll require you to keep on top of our customer service experience and spend the odd day (or two) simply chatting with our clients to make sure all is well, this might be to followup on their last order and check their last print run went well, make sure they have enough brochures to keep them going for the next month or to generally make sure clients are aware that we’re still here and here to help.   
  • Office Admin – Failing to plan is planning to fail – that’s what they say, right? We need someone to keep the office filing system (both virtual and physical) spick and span.
  • Social Media – Let’s face it, we’re going to need someone to help us pick the best selfies to upload.
  • Official Package Opener – The undeniable biggest benefit of the job.
  • Job is on a temp-permanent basis so we’re looking for someone wanting to join our family and maybe, just maybe we’ll adopt you to become an official family member. 

Oh yeah, and the annual salary starting from £14k, AND we’re throwing in 20 days of holiday plus extended Christmas closing time and bank holidays! Can’t say fairer than that can we? If you think you fit the bill, drop us an email over at [email protected], including your previous experience and why you’d like to join our hallowed ranks. 

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