Let Us Help You Start A Business

March 9, 2017 / Startup Advice /

SO Marketing offers a vast amount of services and you may not have realised we actually provide a significant amount of services that are ideal for starting up your own business! Continue Reading →

Be Content with Content Marketing

Content Marketing


Content marketing is a relatively new, vastly effective way of getting people to visit and convert through your website – but what exactly is it? Seeing as it’s so emergent, we’d forgive you for not recognising content marketing (we’re pretty nice like that), but we reckon it’s something more and more businesses, specifically new initiatives, are going to want to embrace in 2016. That’s why we’ve put together the following useful guide to content marketing in 2016. Continue Reading →

Why Is the User Experience Important?


Why the User Experience Is Important

User experience is a relatively new term that’s being thrown around on the web recently. However, there are still a lot of websites that don’t give it nearly the attention it deserves. Here we help you to understand what the user experience is, and why it’s important. Continue Reading →

CEOs on Social Media

September 10, 2015 / Marketing, Social Media, Startup Advice, Tips, Websites /

We’ve covered before why it’s important for your company to be on social media. But what you may not have realised is that as a CEO, it’s equally important to have your own account on social media. Why, you ask? Well… Continue Reading →

Maintaining Communication Standards

Keep ‘Em Talking – Maintaining Communication Standards

People don’t buy from companies; people buy from people. We’ve all had irritating cold calls from anonymous corporations, and spam mail filling up our inboxes. Maybe you’ve been unlucky enough to have had your email or computer outright hacked due to an online security flaw. These are all fears deeply ingrained into the modern online consumer, and your company’s website has to immediately convince them of your integrity in order to stay ahead of the shadier competition. The best way to do this is to focus on communication, making it easier to facilitate conversation between you and your customers. The easier you are to contact, the more trustworthy you’ll appear. Continue Reading →

Marketing on a Limited Budget

July 7, 2015 / Marketing, Startup Advice, Tips /

Breaking into the world of digital marketing can be intimidating. It’s a complex beast with many layers, and what works for one company might not work for another. Money can speed the process along, yes, but great marketing campaigns aren’t successful because they’re expensive. They’re successful because they’re measured, planned and neatly executed with clear targets in mind. For this reason, you shouldn’t let lack of funds be an obstacle in getting started – you just need to think carefully about how you do it. Continue Reading →

Why Leaflet Campaigns With Strong Offers Work

January 22, 2014 / Print, Startup Advice, Tips / 0 Comments /

The rise of digital media has created some doubts over the future of printed marketing materials; many people are asking how relevant printed advertising is in this day and age. The answer is that it’s still very relevant and that businesses that dismiss leaflet campaigns out of hand could be missing a trick. But why? Continue Reading →

Website Cost versus Total Marketing Budget

Website Cost versus Total Marketing Budget

Sorting out your costs in terms of marketing and website costs is a worrying issue for some people. It’s important to approach the issues in an organised fashion…there are many questions which will need to be answered before you are happy with your plan and also confident that your financial allocations are the best possible. Continue Reading →

Transferring your Website to another Hosting Provider…Easy as 123

The need or desire to change hosting providers is something which crops up for a huge variety of reasons for most business owners at some point. It’s often quite a daunting prospect and people worry that information will be lost or that they might not be able to take all of their users with them for instance. Change is a challenge for most people and when business is going well it can be really unsettling to alter something as important as your hosting provider; there’s no doubt that it can be a stressful time but to make things a little simpler, here is a step by step guide to transferring your website to another hosting provider. Continue Reading →

Why is your Website Content Text Important

Why is your Website Content Text Important

The internet is a fascinating and sometimes confusing place…not only for business owners but also for those who use it in a quest for knowledge, information, products and services. Because there are so many websites out there, it’s a tricky business for people to get what they want and quickly, which is what the internet is all about…speed. Continue Reading →

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