PCA Predict – An Essential for E-Commerce Websites

April 21, 2017 / eCommerce, Magento, News, WooCommerce /
PCA Predict is ideal if you are prone to making a mistake on your address

What is PCA?

PCA stands for Post Code Anywhere and allows users to look up their addresses in forms on e-commerce websites. They have become a market leader in the field of address management and process transactions for some of the largest organisations worldwide. Continue Reading →

5 Reasons Your Ecommerce Site Isn’t Working

Conversion Aversion

Have you invested a shed load (that is the official industry term) of money recently in an ecommerce site that just isn’t generating results? Are you turning back towards bloodthirsty sites like eBay and Amazon, sacrificing profit for pure sales? Well before you log back in to the old eBay profile, check out the five following reasons your ecommerce website might not be working – it might make for some eerily familiar reading. Continue Reading →

Magento 2.0 Awakens

November 19, 2015 / eCommerce, Magento, Web, Websites /
Magento 2.0

The Marketing Force Is Strong in This One

Originally released for a beta period almost a year ago in December 2014, Magento’s latest ecommerce platform, Magento 2.0, is now available for general merchant use. The ecommerce platform’s first major update since its launch back in March 2008, the new software promises a more user friendly interface, a host of new options for customisation, and generally a more efficient means of getting your products to the burgeoning digital market. With all this is mind, should you be rushing to the shiny green download button? Check out our Magento 2.0 overview to find out. Continue Reading →

Time To Go Mobile – The Importance of Mobile Optimisation

August 14, 2015 / Design, eCommerce, Magento, Web, Websites /
Time To Go Mobile

We’ll begin by being very blunt – if your website isn’t optimised for mobile, you’re losing out on a lot of money. In 2014, mobile browsing officially overtook desktop browsing for the first time, making it the first and foremost method of searching the web. Social network giant Facebook reported that by the end of 2014, 526 million of its users were accessing their accounts solely from their mobile devices. If the most successful companies out there are catering for it, why shouldn’t you? Continue Reading →

SO Marketing To Offer Magento Training Courses

March 2, 2015 / Magento, Websites, Workshops /

We’re running Magento training courses to improve the digital skills of local businesses, and we want you to get involved.

Magento, as we’ve discussed on this blog before, is one of the world’s leading open source e-commerce services, offering users the tools to build and maintain a professional storefront for their business online. As far as open source services go, Magento is unrivalled in the amount of options and customisability it offers users, enabling them to create unique, versatile websites that stand out from their competitors. Continue Reading →

Choosing Between Magento And WooCommerce

February 9, 2015 / eCommerce, Magento, Web, Websites, WooCommerce, Wordpress /

If you’re an e-commerce retailer, or even thinking about setting up shop online, you’re going to need a professional, versatile website that can handle shopping baskets, customer enquiries and those all important purchase orders. The problem is that there are so many open source e-commerce services out there that selecting the right one for your business can be tricky, costing you time that could have been spent marketing and selling your products. Magento and WooCommerce are amongst the most popular e-commerce services out there, but which one is right for your business? Continue Reading →

Factors That Influence Conversion at the Shopping Cart Stage in Magento

If you can get the traffic to your site then you should be able to get the corresponding conversions right? Sadly this isn’t always the case…in fact so many half-completed experiences are racked up daily that it’s a good idea to take a long, hard look at the way you’ve arranged things for conversion at the shopping cart stage in Magento website so that you don’t become a victim of cart abandonment too often. Continue Reading →

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