The Top 5 Festive Advertising Campaigns of 2014

January 9, 2015 / Advertising, Inspiration, Marketing /

January has rolled around again, and as always has seen the nation trying to settle back into a routine of detoxification, exercise and saving money. As we move, however, into the period of ‘New Year – new me’ one thing has dominated our memories of the Christmas period, and that thing is advertising.

Needless to say, Christmas is the biggest time of the year for the majority of goods and services industries, and 2014 saw a variety of big brands taking to TV, radio and digital in order to out-do their competitors and secure our all important custom. Now that the dust is beginning to settle, and the decorations are back up in the loft, we take a more level-headed look back at some of the most striking and effective campaigns of Christmas 2014 that convinced us to part with our all important bonuses. Continue Reading →

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