5 Email Marketing Hacks for a Better Response Rate

July 8, 2016 / Design, Email Marketing, Marketing /

Delivery Failed

When built and managed properly, email marketing campaigns can generate lucrative levels of return with a much more immediate effect that other channels; eShots can educate old customers as to new products, and even draw in fresh consumers altogether – if they’re being seen and opened by the right people of course. If your email marketing campaigns are failing to deliver, check out the following 5 tips to boost that response rate: Continue Reading →

Digital Marketing; Getting Yourself Out There

Digital Marketing; Getting Yourself Out There

Putting Yourself Back on the Market

It’s an unfortunate fact of the industry that you might have the most mind-bogglingly awesome website on the planet (and we’d know, we’ve created our fair share of mind-bogglingly awesome websites), but unless people can find it, it won’t provide the results you require. Here at SO Marketing, working with various digital marketing specialists across the industry, we work to deliver fully-integrated advertising plans designed to drive the right audience members directly to your shiny new website. Continue Reading →

Four Ways to Personalise Your Marketing Strategy

Personalise Your Marketing Strategy

The increase in small and large brands alike adopting social media as part of their digital marketing strategy has lead to personalisation fast becoming an integral part of online PR. Unfortunately there’s no quick and easy way to personalise your marketing strategy, it takes time, perseverance and handy blogs. Continue Reading →

Is a Newsletter Sign Up Really Worthwhile on your Website…

January 6, 2015 / Email Marketing, Marketing /

Does Anyone Actually Use it Anymore?

With the power of social media taking up a good chunk of the spotlight it’s not surprising that the humble newsletter has been somewhat relegated to the cheap seats. Some companies have unwisely ditched them altogether which is misguided when the research points to the fact that adults check their emails far more often than they check their social media. Continue Reading →

Why mail Marketing Should Now Be Designed For Mobile Devices First – Desktop Second

November 12, 2014 / Design, Email Marketing, Web /
Responsive Email

Why Email Marketing Should Now Be Designed For Mobile Devices First-Desktop Second

So mobile has been taking over desktop at a rate of knots. It’s changed the way we shop, the way we communicate on social networking sites and the way we manage our email accounts. More than 50% of all adults with mobile devices are managing their emails on the go but the figures for those clicking within emails on mobile versus desktop are not tallying….far less people are clicking within emails when they’re viewing on mobile than they are when they’re viewing on desktop; why is this? Continue Reading →

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