PCA Predict – An Essential for E-Commerce Websites

April 21, 2017 / eCommerce, Magento, News, WooCommerce /
PCA Predict is ideal if you are prone to making a mistake on your address

What is PCA?

PCA stands for Post Code Anywhere and allows users to look up their addresses in forms on e-commerce websites. They have become a market leader in the field of address management and process transactions for some of the largest organisations worldwide. Continue Reading →

Important Announcement! – Website Security and Maintenance

September 27, 2016 / eCommerce, Technical, Websites /

Over the past few months we’ve seen an increase in attempted hacking activity against common web platforms such as WordPress and Magento. These are normally directed at websites that have been live for some while where the back end system hasn’t been updated to reflect the latest security patches. In the same way that all desktop and mobile devices require software updates regularly to patch security issues, the backend platform on which websites are built are no different. Continue Reading →

Why You Shouldn’t Be Using eBay to Sell Online.

March 11, 2016 / eCommerce /

Bargain Hunters

Now before we get into the nitty-gritty of the article, let’s start by saying we’re big lovers of EBay, from a consumer’s perspective that is. We’ve all been there, avidly hunting for a bargain, waiting to ‘snipe’ in with our bids in the eleventh hour; in fact, I got a great deal on a Sex and the City box set just last week. Did I just type Sex and the City? Apologies, what I meant to type was, urm… Breaking Bad. Anyway, although EBay might look like an attractive prospect for new sellers, it can – in many ways – actually hinder your brand rather than help it in the long run. Now we’re not saying you’re going to need a responsive Magento Ecommerce platform just to shift some old junk from the garage, but if you’re going to make a career out of online retail, you might want to consider some other options. Continue Reading →

Digital Marketing; Getting Yourself Out There

Digital Marketing; Getting Yourself Out There

Putting Yourself Back on the Market

It’s an unfortunate fact of the industry that you might have the most mind-bogglingly awesome website on the planet (and we’d know, we’ve created our fair share of mind-bogglingly awesome websites), but unless people can find it, it won’t provide the results you require. Here at SO Marketing, working with various digital marketing specialists across the industry, we work to deliver fully-integrated advertising plans designed to drive the right audience members directly to your shiny new website. Continue Reading →

Building Consumer Trust this Christmas

December 2, 2015 / Conversation, eCommerce, Web, Websites /
Consumer Trust

All I Want for Christmas is… Sales

It’s a common complaint voiced by many an ecommerce retailer that despite the seemingly optimal performance of their individual marketing channels, their website simply isn’t performing as expected. It’s unfortunately the case that even though you might be getting consumers to your site through a variety of marketing platforms including Google AdWords and social media advertising, getting them to actually hit the ‘Checkout’ button is a new challenge in itself. The question of the hour – or rather the festive period – is why consumers are so reluctant to convert through your site, and perhaps more importantly, how can you increase your ecommerce website’s performance? Continue Reading →

Magento 2.0 Awakens

November 19, 2015 / eCommerce, Magento, Web, Websites /
Magento 2.0

The Marketing Force Is Strong in This One

Originally released for a beta period almost a year ago in December 2014, Magento’s latest ecommerce platform, Magento 2.0, is now available for general merchant use. The ecommerce platform’s first major update since its launch back in March 2008, the new software promises a more user friendly interface, a host of new options for customisation, and generally a more efficient means of getting your products to the burgeoning digital market. With all this is mind, should you be rushing to the shiny green download button? Check out our Magento 2.0 overview to find out. Continue Reading →

Why Is the User Experience Important?


Why the User Experience Is Important

User experience is a relatively new term that’s being thrown around on the web recently. However, there are still a lot of websites that don’t give it nearly the attention it deserves. Here we help you to understand what the user experience is, and why it’s important. Continue Reading →

Understanding Online Consumer Habits

September 3, 2015 / Conversation, eCommerce, Marketing /

The first step on the path to effective marketing is to know your audience. While obviously each one of us is different, there are several broad personalities that every online shopper falls into. Allow us to run you through the details, and the ways to effectively cater to them: Continue Reading →

Time To Go Mobile – The Importance of Mobile Optimisation

August 14, 2015 / Design, eCommerce, Magento, Web, Websites /
Time To Go Mobile

We’ll begin by being very blunt – if your website isn’t optimised for mobile, you’re losing out on a lot of money. In 2014, mobile browsing officially overtook desktop browsing for the first time, making it the first and foremost method of searching the web. Social network giant Facebook reported that by the end of 2014, 526 million of its users were accessing their accounts solely from their mobile devices. If the most successful companies out there are catering for it, why shouldn’t you? Continue Reading →

The Google Certified Shops Magento Extension & Consumer Trust

Google Certified Shops Magento extension

In Google We Trust

We’ve all been there; you’re late night shopping in your pyjamas, looking for some great bargains when suddenly you find a MacBook Pro being sold for £200 by a company called something like LAPTOPZ 4U based in Taiwan. “What a phenomenal deal?!” you eagerly exclaim to yourself as you hungrily type in your shipping details. It’s only a couple of months down the line, however, when you receive an empty box in the post, that you realise the deal was probably a little too good to be true. Continue Reading →

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