Why you should update your CMS software regularly?

May 14, 2014 / CRM, Web, Websites / 0 Comments /

There is one very important reason why you should update your CMS system very regularly, and it is answered in one word – SECURITY. We’ve all heard on the news about various bugs that target websites and one of the key ways these spread is by out of date content management systems. Continue Reading →

Who is really happy with their CRM system?

November 12, 2010 / CRM / 0 Comments /

I’ve lost count of how many customers ask us to develop back end admin systems for their websites, but so many don’t realise that what they really are asking for is a bespoke CRM system just by another name. It does highlight how the standard off the shelf solutions are so typically unsuitable for the majority of small businesses, that creating bespoke management functions could be the only way to go! Continue Reading →

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