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Content Marketing


Content marketing is a relatively new, vastly effective way of getting people to visit and convert through your website – but what exactly is it? Seeing as it’s so emergent, we’d forgive you for not recognising content marketing (we’re pretty nice like that), but we reckon it’s something more and more businesses, specifically new initiatives, are going to want to embrace in 2016. That’s why we’ve put together the following useful guide to content marketing in 2016. Continue Reading →

Using Blogs to Boost Web Traffic and Search Engine Rankings

November 17, 2014 / Copywriting, Marketing /

Bringing traffic to your website is a vital part of running a successful business today. Websites are what brings in business, they are what make money…you need to know how to utilise the tools at your fingertips in order to ensure that the right people are landing on your site when you want them to. Which is basically when they’re looking for what you sell or offer! Continue Reading →

Proofreading: The Importance of Being Pedantic

November 14, 2014 / Copywriting, Design /

Proofreading, also commonly referred to as proofing, is the process by which a copywriter checks through there content before publishing it, either in print or online. Taking time to proofread copy before posting it can mean the difference between a highly professional article or a piece that appears sloppy and substandard. Continue Reading →

Why we ask for final copy to be sent over and why it increases cost if its not.

May 9, 2014 / Copywriting, Design / 0 Comments /
Writing Copy

One of the big issues with creating creative work is the distinction between “design” and “copy”. Designers need to know what content is being provided for a particular project whether that is a website, a flyer, brochure or even a business card. The reason that we ask for content before being able to design something is simple. If we are creating some artwork that has a purpose to convey a particular message, using images and text, and our design team create some great looking graphics expecting that 1-2 paragraphs of text are to be used, then we need to be confident that the space will fit what will be provided. Continue Reading →

So Your Website is Live…Now What?

Website Now Live

The long awaited day has finally arrived and your website is live. You’ve been through all of the complexities of setting up the perfect site and now you have a shiny new website…it’s time for business to boom right? Well yes… Continue Reading →

Do You Have Enough Content for a News Page on Your Website?

December 27, 2013 / Copywriting, Tips / 0 Comments /

A news page can be a great way to catch the interest of visitors to your site as well as a way to bring them in from popular search terms on Google. The question is can you come up with enough news that is related to your business and which will be of interest to your clients? Continue Reading →

Why is your Website Content Text Important

Why is your Website Content Text Important

The internet is a fascinating and sometimes confusing place…not only for business owners but also for those who use it in a quest for knowledge, information, products and services. Because there are so many websites out there, it’s a tricky business for people to get what they want and quickly, which is what the internet is all about…speed. Continue Reading →

Blog Websites; Will you keep it Updated?

Blog Websites; Will you keep it Updated?

Most people in business today understand how powerful blogging can be; it’s the new journalism with the power having been placed square in the hands of the people; this of course means that whilst people now have a voice to talk about everything from the mundane to the controversial, they also have the power to spread the word about their business…be they pushing a product or a service. Continue Reading →

Writing good ad copy

November 15, 2010 / Advertising, Copywriting, Tips / 0 Comments /

Even for seasoned professionals, writing compelling advert text for new products and services is always a challenge. While you can always follow the basic principles of marketing communication to get the flow right, what message exactly will strike a chord with the particular audience? There is a “marketing speak” way of describing this as AIDA, A = ATTENTION I = INTEREST D = DESIRE A = ACTION. Continue Reading →

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