The RAR Awards – Six Nominations for SO

May 19, 2017 / Awards /

We’ve been nominated for a total of six RAR digital awards! You know what that means! Party time!

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SO Marketing Emerge Triumphant from the RAR Digital Awards

June 20, 2016 / Awards, News /
RAR Digital Awards 2016 Winners

That Awards Shelf is Getting Pretty Full

That’s right, your bleary, screen-wary eyes aren’t deceiving you, SO Marketing are delighted to announce that we’ve taken home the RAR Digital Award for Web Design in the ‘Under 40 Staff’ category (and that’s number of employees, not age, before you start with the trolling). In fact, this is the second year running we’ve won the award, cementing our place as one of the most accredited web design agencies in Staffordshire, and – dare we say it – across the UK! Continue Reading →

SO Marketing Recognised In RAR Digital Awards

June 8, 2016 / Awards, News /
RAR Digital Awards 2016

We’re Making A Habit of This…

We know what you’re thinking: “These guys have just been at the RAR Awards – have they really come round again?”. You’d be right in thinking that – the dust is just settling (and the hangovers are just subsiding) from the RAR Awards in May, but we’re pleased to announced we’ve just been recognised again, this time in the RAR Digital Awards. SO Marketing have recently been shortlisted for two highly prestigious awards, ‘Best Agency for Ecommerce’ and ‘Best Agency for Web Design’, proving that if you hang around like a bad smell for long enough, people will probably start to feel a bit awkward and throw you a nomination or two. Continue Reading →

SO Marketing Win RAR Award for Value & Web Design

June 8, 2016 / Awards, News /
RAR Awards Web Design Winner 2016

We’ve Only Gone and Done it Again…

Yup, that’s right, you read it correctly, SO Marketing have picked up another RAR award, this time for ‘Best Agency for Value 2016’. Not familiar with the RAR awards? Funnily enough, we’ve created about 7 blogs on the subject that we gleefully roll out every time we get nominated, you can check them all out here. Suffice it to say that SO Marketing have been recognised that many times by the Recommended Agency Register, we’ve now carved out our own bum grooves in the seats at the awards ceremonies. Anyway, enough blowing our own trumpet – what does the ‘Best Agency for Value’ award mean for our clients? Continue Reading →


May 16, 2016 / Awards /

Following our amazing win at the prestigious RAR (Recommended Agency Register) awards last month, we’ve now been shortlisted in 2 categories in this years RAR Digital Awards 2016. Continue Reading →

Nominated For 2 RAR Awards – 2016

April 28, 2016 / Awards, News /

Like a Delicious RAR Steak

That’s right, SO Marketing have once again proved that if you hang around the RAR Awards like a bad smell for long enough – they’ll definitely recognise you for something!  We’re kidding of course; we like to think we’ve been recognised for our innovative designs and outstanding customer service, but persistence definitely helps. Continue Reading →

SO Marketing wins a RAR Digital Award!

June 24, 2015 / Awards /
RAR Web Design Winners 2015

Diligent followers of our social media feeds will already be aware of the buzz surrounding this year’s RAR Awards – April has already seen us win two such awards, both for Client Service and Design. Crucially, this year has also seen the return of the RAR Digital Awards following its highly successful debut in 2014. Following our earlier accolades a few months ago, we feared we might be hoping for a little much, but our clients came through for us and we’re happy to announce we are now the proud owners of the RAR Digital Award for Web Design in the Under 40 Staff category. Given our recent move to the Staffordshire town of Leek, this now makes us the only agency in the county to win the Best Design and the Best Web Design at the Awards. Not bad going! Continue Reading →

RAR Digital recognises us in the RAR Digital Awards 2015!

May 22, 2015 / Awards, News /

Following our amazing win of the prestigious Design and Client Service awards last month, we’ve now been shortlisted in 7 categories in this years RAR Digital Awards 2015.

We have been nominated for:

  1. Best Agency for Client Service
  2. Best Agency for Web Design
  3. Best Agency for Creativity/Innovation
  4. Best Agency for Ecommerce
  5. Best Agency for Effectiveness
  6. Best Agency for Strategic thinking
  7. Best Agency for Value for Money

As ever, RAR Digital Awards are judged by a panel of expert judges based on peer and client recognition and we look forward to seeing if we’ve won on June 28th!

Thank you for everyone who continues to support us and recognise the hard work that the whole team puts in!

Hur-RAR: SO Marketing Are RAR 2015 Design Award Winners … Again!

May 8, 2015 / Awards, News /
RAR 2015 Design Award Winners

As we might have (very) briefly mentioned on our social media these past couple of weeks, the whole team here are at SO Marketing were very happy to take home two prizes at the RAR 2015 Awards, for both design and client services (it’s actually the second time we’ve won the design award, not that we’re counting). We wouldn’t blame you if you missed it; we’re not naturally the type to make a big fuss out of things like that. We’re kidding of course, we really milked it on Facebook and Twitter, but who doesn’t like an opportunity to show off a bit every now and then? Continue Reading →

SO Marketing Nominated for 7 RAR Awards

March 13, 2015 / Awards, News /

That’s right, it’s time for us to break out those “special occasion” shoes once again, because the SO Marketing team are going to be returning to London this April, after having received nominations for an astounding seven awards… Continue Reading →

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